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This page contains links to the Human Resource Newsletter I create for my current job.  It started as a monthly newsletter and goes to a quarterly beginning in December 2001.  The Newsletter is Mine alone, in idea, and creation, but is approved by my employer before printing.

Volume 1  3-1-2K
Volume 2  4-1-2K
Volume 3  5-1-2K
Volume 4  6-1-2K
Volume 5  7-1-2K
Volume 6  8-1-2K
Volume 7  9-1-2K
Volume 8 10-1-2K
Volume 9 11-1-2K
Volume 10 12-1-2K
Volume 11 1-1-2K1
Volume 12 2-1-2K1
Volume 13 3-1-2K1
Volume 14 4-1-2K1
Volume 15 5-1-2K1
Volume 16 6-1-2K1
Volume 17 7-1-2K1
Volume 18 8-1-2K1
Volume 19 9-1-2K1
Volume 20 9-1-2K1**
Volume 21 9-1-2K1**
Volume 22 9-1-2K1**

To the left are Links to the Human Resource Insights I spoke of.   If you are here, then you are more interested in the concreteness of the world and not so much of my wild imagination.  

I had a tendency to promote Team Work in my newsletters as well as striving to be the best, keeping a positive attitude, and stretching your own limits.  Enjoy!

Click the individual links below and choose open from current location. These pages will open in Word 97. If you do not have Microsoft Word 97 (or later version) on your Computer this may not work for you.

I am no longer employed by this company so the volumes shown here are the last created.

Any comments can be directed to my guestbook or left for me in my Message Boards.

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