A Bit About Runes

A king he was on a carven throne
In many-pillard halls of stone
With golden roof and silver floor
And runes of power upon the door

J.R.R Tolkien
The Fellowship of the Rings

The runes page is currently incomplete.  The runes are crafted and I should have the basics descriptions available within the next 20 days.  Please stop back by and check us out.  Soon, there will be automated rune readings available for your daily use and meditation.

Rune Description

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Runes have been used for meditation and divination for many centuries.  Some claim they were used by the Vikings, others by the Celts, I personally believe they were used by the Druids as a sophisticated tool for divination.  Even farther back in human culture, tools were used by goddess worshipers who used not only stones but feathers, sticks, pieces of hair, roots and many different tools.  These tools would represent significance to the user and would often be carried in a protected pouch, collected through the years and used until a priestess would pass it down to a younger member of the clan.  I consider the pagan rituals to be the early roots of runes and their uses. 

Use of Runes:  Runes can be used by blind selection, tossing or by intuitive draw.  On this site, I have tried to lay out basic meanings for each rune and how it might be interpreted in a reading.   You can study these on your own and purchase a set of stones to work with as you see fit.  I also recommend the Book of Runes by R.H. Blum as he is the forerunner in developing the runic set.  If you are familiar with runes and their castings already, you will find that my definitions do not completely match Blums interpretation.  You should use whichever explanation seems to fit your needs more closely.  I have changed some because I find that the meaning has changed for me over years of use.

Sometime in the distant future I will be posting an automated casting here. It is a busy time for me right now as you can see by the fact that I haven't even gotten definitions  finished.  All this work takes time, be patient.    For other helpful tools, please see my recommendations page.          Thank you, MzChaos

If you are looking for a Rune Set of your very own be sure to check out the Tool Recommendations Page, and order from Amazon.com.


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