Life Dancer

May 12, 1993

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Angel Talk:

The Native American Indian said "Go, move to the sun" and I said but I don't want to move now. I saw the sun card from the daughters of the moon tarot deck. He crossed his arms in contemplation and rubbed his chin perplexed. He did not answer and faded away.

I asked for more guidance and the goddess came. She was I or I was she but she was much more beautiful than I. The stars began like a cascade and I followed her through them. She said it was the other side and that I needed to remember how it feels from the other side. She kept taking me farther and deeper and I finally tugged at her and said wait, I can't go. There are still lessons to be learned, things to do on the other side. Those were what my questions were about. I already knew I was to help and to teach but what, I asked. She said life. You she said are the life dancer. And she whirled me around and in my simple little outfit. I looked very much like the student dressed like the Temperance card in Daughters of the moon. I was happy and safe and then she said it was time to go and left me. I wandered around asking for more guidance but none came.

There was a first section here where two visitors were having fun and laughing and I was laughing back. It was almost as if they were coaxing me through. They were playful like two pans, male in form and probably twins. I can't even really remember what they said, it was too much like a dream and then the Indian arrived and I called him father. Which I thought was odd except that he could have been my father in a previous life or myself. Or possibly the father of wisdom.

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