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Hey, I have all kinds of weird and bizarre interests but here a few of my friends website addresses as well as a few of my favorites.

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If you are looking for a massage in the Indianapolis area check out  the following.  I list two because they are very specialized, check them out.

Carl Long Clinical Body Therapy Indianapolis Massage
Carl is a close personal friend of mine who has received several certificates on a wide range of massage therapy.  Go to his page and check him out.   I believe he even has an online coupon you can print out for a discount on first time visits.

June Ellen Noble at Healing Hands

Junie has been a close personal  friend of mine for years also.  She received some of her massage training at Esalen in California.  She has also started doing ear coning for a very reasonable price and I find I need to have mine done about once a month just so I can hear properly (or hear as I should and not what I want to hear). 

These are non-sexual massages, my friends, please don't harass them with off-handed sex calls. That's not what massage therapy is all about.

Howler at -- -- Affordable Webhosting

For free games, jokes, poetry, short stories and the absolute best funny pictures page on the internet. He is the designer and maintainer of this site. Don't blame him if you don't like it as he only does what he is told.


Naptown Nomads Cool Site Award

Check out for all your webhosting and web site design needs. Affordable web hosting, and low cost website design

Randall Wolf is a good buddy of mine and he actually helped me set up  this webpage.  He is a very patient and sweet  boy.  I luv him!  He has also been working very hard on his comic book  database site (he was very upset when I referred to it as his cartoon site, apparently there is a difference.)  Anyway, he has been doing some great work.  Check it out at

Is the site of another long time friend Who likes to be referred to as Lane Smythe. He's a very funny guy and worth checking out. 

I am currently a  licensed real estate agent in the state of indiana. You might have noticed all the real estate links on the main page. If not I will post them again for you here. I Have a Brand new Indianapolis Real Estate website I am now with Mi Casa Su Casa Realty . I am now a fully licensed Realtor in indianapolis not just a, indianapolis buyers agent.

I have posted my resume out here too so you can see what some of my work history consists of and the many weird things that I have come across. I use to design a Newsletter called the Human Resource In-Sight When working for a company called Media Monitors.  You can find them in the HR Insights link in my menu.  Feel free to plagiarize or steal any of the information in it, because thats what I did to create it and make no bones about it.  If I see information that I can transform and make useful, I most certainly will. 

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