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I have so many  interest that I am going to just name a few for now.  See my links page for local Indiana sites, who also happen to be friends of mine for the most part.


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  • Dream Interpretation - My dreams link, which is still under major construction, will be posting my dreams as well as visitor dreams with a comment section and an interpretation section.  Since I was a very small child, I have been able to control my dreams to a certain extent and have many experiences with falling, flying, walking on stilts, crazy and  bizarre stuff that can really only be told from a dream   perspective.  This is the forum where I will be putting some of this information to use.  At some point, I may even do dream interpretation on the site for a small fee but thus far I have not decided to go that route.

  • Animal Spirit Cards - I have used Tarot, Runes, I-ching and Medicine Cards for divination for several years now, owning many different decks.  I have designed a deck of Animal Spirit Cards to be used on my website for this purpose.  An artist friend of mine illustrated the deck for me, and hopefully, I will figure out a way to get an automated reading online for visitors.

  • Numerology - This will be a basic section on the symbology of numbers.   I am not a numerologist nor do I claim to understand how the numbers all fit together but I use their symbology in my readings.  And, I think it is important to have a basic understanding of what the vibration of each number can bring to a situation. For that purpose, I will be posting brief descriptions of  what each number represents and what you can look for when they show up.

  • Predictions - This is the rough category.  So rough, in fact, that I have not added a button for it yet.  I make predictions all the time, but as you know, the world and our consciousness is changing so fast that I, for one, like to be very careful before putting my foot in  my mouth.  I mean, I want to make sure its going to fit in  my mouth if I intend to put it there.

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