Here is one pic of me....and an angel painting from my friend Joyce Stafford who is designing the animal cards.  More to come later.

Here is a picture of me at Andy's geek computer gaming party. I have just feasted on some of Andy's Girlfriends authentic Hungarian goulash. It was tre yummy!
Here I am again at that same geek party conversing with Randall. Surprisingly Randy was not taking part in the computer geek party. He was geek before it was cool.

The Picture to the left was taken December 19, 2004. I went with Andy to his company Christmas party (yeah, He got a job, sheesh) it was held at the Indianapolis Zoo in the dolphin Pavilion. The Dolphins liked me, they really liked me.

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This is an old pic taken in 1996, I think.  And I no longer have long brown hair, it is more shoulder length red hair which oddly enough is made reference to in my September 1 dream (which hasn't yet been posted - but will shortly)  As I get more pics to post, I will, rest assured.  I refer to this as my Howard Stern Picture...jeez, no woman should ever look like Howard Stern but I swear I am better looking in person.  You will just have to take my word for it.

Joyce A. Stafford has been one of my best friends since 8th grade.   She even stole my first boyfriend.  The bond between women (and  friends) was stronger of course.  Joyce is also the artist (creative genius) who will  be illustrating the Animal Cards as soon as I can get the details arranged.  Patience, my friends. All in good time. 

angel.jpg (31210 bytes)

The Angel Picture
 Click thumbnail to see The BIG PICTURE

fantasy.jpg (30380 bytes)

By Joyce A. Stafford
This painting is available for purchase for $1095.99. 
Actual Size 16 x 20  

joyces_madonna.JPG (17703 bytes)

This painting is available for purchase for $695.00. 
By Joyce A. Stafford
Actual Size 24x36

vase.jpg (19753 bytes)

This is a picture that HOWLER took and then edited on his PC

freedom_angel.jpg (55321 bytes)

Angel Of Freedom
This painting is available for purchase for $695.00. SOLD
By Joyce A. Stafford
Actual Size 22x29

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