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The dreams on this page were submitted for interpretation as far back as the year 2000 up to Early 2001.

I can not tell you how grateful I am for everybody's support.  I am amazed at how many people are sending me contributions for the website.  It is definitely going to keep me busy.  Enjoy!

I would like to thank everyone who sent in there dreams for interpretation. I hope that the readings that I did here were in some way beneficial to you in helping you discover some of the more prominent dream symbology in your individual dreams.

By all means if you have any commentary on any of these dreams, don't hesitate to about them. Be sure to get the dream month and name of the dream in the e-mail so I can reference your comments.

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By all means if you have any commentary on any of these dreams, don't hesitate to Contact me in my guestbook or message boards about them. Be sure to get the dream month and name of the dream in the e-mail so I can reference your comments.

Parental Dreams

September 30, 2001

The Dream:

 I am lying on a bed. J's mom is there. She leans over and kisses me on the cheek. (I am pretending to be asleep).

Then I am at my parent's house. There is a kitten and I am petting it. Then there is a child - not sure but I think Mom is babysitting this child. Then somebody says we're going somewhere so we are all getting in a vehicle (might be a van, might be a bus). They (mom and dad) get the little girl they are babysitting. I have been busy getting other stuff together and I realize they did not get my daughter (I think she is asleep) so I go back in the house to get her, and I see the bedroom light on. So I go in, and there's another child lying on the bed. I am getting angry and frustrated. don't know if I said it or just thought, I can't believe how irresponsible they are. My sister is there - telling me that J came to get my daughter, but not until 6:30. And I am trying to figure out why he picked her up so late. I am talking to mom, she is lying on the couch, on her left side. I start to notice this flap of skin on her right cheek. It rises up as if the wind were blowing. It starts to look like the ear of a stuffed rabbit (the toy kind) and I am trying to figure out why my mom has this on her cheek.

I think that is where I woke up.

Insights and Interpretations:

 Wish I knew which cheek was being kissed at the beginning of the dream...but the kitten being petted is kind of like a new talent or possible talent coming into contact with the dreamer. Since most of the dream is related to parents and children, it could be a talent that is passed through heredity...something that is a talent of the ancestors, and will be coming out again in the children through the line. The dreamer is trying to move with this, because they are trying to get into a van or something but she gets sidetracked with the search for her own daughter. And, then realizes her daughter isn't even there.

The weirdest part about the dream is the flap of skin on the cheek. Because the dreamer is quite specific about her mother laying on her left side, which means her submissive side is down and the flappy cheek is on her dominate side. Rabbits many times represents fear - odd - I know, and I often think of it as fertility because they 'multiply like rabbits' scenario...and then the killed the rabbit scenario....anyway, the dominant ear thing...could be like there is a fear of not being heard - since it looks and resembles an ear. Which I know this family well enough that this scenario could very well be true. As if whatever the dreamer is trying to convey is never going to be heard by those around her - or at least she is afraid they will never hear what she is saying.

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9-11 Aftermath

September 11, 2001

The Dream:

I rarely have dreams that I remember, except those that are pretty significant or predictions. This morning (Sept. 11) I dreamed that another man and I were running from a group of people, who chased us into a large warehouse-type bldg. We were terrified. They came in and drug him out to the front of the bldg., as I hid. I heard them beating him up and he was screaming, so I looked out the window, and saw that they had cut off his sexual organs and were holding them up in the air. I then took off running to find a place to hide in fear. 

Now, as I said, I don't generally have dreams that I remember, and certainly not those that are sexually oriented, so I felt this was rather significant considering what happened today. 

Any ideas? 


Insights and Interpretations:

Well, I tell you what...pre-cognitive dreams are not that common, and usually... they have a little more specific information within them than what yours entails... although I can see why you would have pulled that correlation. Perhaps your subconscious did pick up some of the dishevel of the day, and the chaos of people running away from this disaster, and incorporate it into your dreams this morning... I couldn't say for sure.

If this were mine...the aspects I would look at are this man, and did you know him. The terror could easily be related to the collective consciousness of the day, because I think that is what most of society felt out there today. The cutting off of the sex organs seems significant but I don't know what that means to you either and dreams work in metaphor for your benefit and might not relate to the rest of us in the same way. If it were me, then I would think that maybe I am denying myself pleasure for some reason...because that is what the sex organs mean to me, and for me it can also represent my connection to spirit, or god or whatever label you want to us for it. You have to own the fear as your own...and it will connect to either who this man represents in you or to you, and / or the sexual organs and what they represent. Some dreams aren't as obvious as others. 

Now if you wanted to look at this as a possible extension from today...I could make these correlation's as well. The gist would be something like this....large groups of people, all running in fear, and the perpetrators, cut of the "balls" of Americans and hold it up for the rest of the world to see. The rest of the world continues to cower in fear. So, yeah, I could see how that would be a direct metaphor for today.

Its very interesting at any rate. You should try active dream recall and see if you ever get anything else that comes out with a similar correlation.

Take care and thanks for asking...I will post this but won't use your name, hope that is ok.


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The Game

October 04, 2001

The Dream: 

Brig: I had a strange dream this morning. I woke up at 7 am, then went back to sleep and dreamed until about 11 am.

I dreamed I was playing a game about how to organize my life. To start the game, I had to figure out how to open the game box to get to the pieces. This seemed to take a long time, and was very frustrating. I finally found a secret button that opened the box from the inside! I don't remember how I got inside the box.

Then, I had to remove all the pieces from the box, and arrange them according to the instructions in the box. It took all morning to read the complicated instructions and arrange the pieces!

As I finished arranging the pieces, I was ready to play the game, but I woke up. Then, I realized that learning how to arrange the pieces was the whole game!

Jack Sandy

PS: The meaning of the dream was pretty obvious, but how the message was sent is fascinating.

Insights and Interpretations:

Well, Jack. I am assuming you got the same thing I got out of this dream but it is fascinating.

My interpretation, should it have been mine, would have been obviously dropping into your own psyche.

Opening your 'box' from the inside. I like that you got inside without having know how you got in there to push the button. Isn't that so true for all of us. And the moral of the story too, about realizing that the point of the game was not playing it but learning that it was there to be played.

It uses great metaphor for this land of illusion we call reality. The entire game aspect really puts it in perspective. Nice dream. I will post it when I get a chance to get back to my web page and send a link to it as well.

Take care, and happy dreaming.


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December 01, 2000

The Dream:

I had a dream with you in it the other night. I don't remember much, but at one point you got fed up with someone else in the dream and you teleported out, just like in star trek. You even pushed some button on something like your keychain before it happened. Weird...

Insights and Interpretations:

Well, even though this has me in it...I think it is more like an aspect of yourself. In that something you have come across is an irritant and rather than deal with it, you just transport yourself out. Since you are a big Star Trek buff, the elements in the dream using that is not a real big surprise and the basics remain the same...don't like it, big exit. Later!

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Aboriginal Dreams

September 23, 2000

The Dream:

This dream is directly from my guestbook.  Since it is short I will leave it in the guestbook too.  The girls from Australia commented on my comments (redundant?  I think not).  And, I have added both here.

B' had a dream that an aboriginal pulled us out of our tent and hacked us up last night. -- says K'

Insights and Interpretations:

It would have helped if I had had the emotional impact of the dream also but here it is,

This isn't much to work with but because you are in Australia, I am betting that you are picking up some of the local energy. This could be a metaphor for letting go of some of your Americanized beliefs and trying (or respecting) the beliefs of the local customs and people. I can't imagine that their belief systems are too much different there unless you have been getting into some of the native (aboriginal) areas. The aborigines are a fascinating sect of people in that they can communicate over many miles with other in their clan and have been know to bi-locate and multi-locate, they don't see time and space as we have learned to.

Your physical body is just a vehicle in this lifetime and in the dream world, it won't even stand up to that. The tent represents a place of safety and home and you are being dragged out of it. Here would be a literal translation, albeit far out...A shift in consciousness is taking place and you are being dragged out of your comfort zone and asked to experience it with new eyes, ears, a totally new physicality. This can be frightening but certainly not defeating. The fact that you picked up and went like you did really tells me that if there were any fears involved in this dream then you will definitely confront those and take the lesson that comes with it.

Their Comments:

Thank you for your insight, I think you were very right on with what you said.  It is good to hear from you. We are doing fine.  We are in a place called Mission Beach which is a jungle/rainforest surrounded area.  We have one more stop before Cairns and then we are off to the Northern Territory!! We are actually cutting the trip shorter than we planned. WE only have about 10 weeks left until we return to the good ole' USA.

love and light
b and k

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October 10, 2000

The Dream:

I'm in a meditative space place.   Voidish.  Non differentiated.  I sit at a table when a fellow telepathically tells me he sees Ammachi cause he can't reach his own mother.  I find the comment understandable and consider it appropriate to my family... I move closer to the quiet fellow.  He's very close to himself.  I am at his table listening.   He goes on...Your brother is here tonight at the table of the Inciter.   (insighter/insider)  He needs the mother.  The inciter.  An inciter.

later after I write this one down and go back to bed...

I come upon my brother and wanting to tell him all the trespass  I've experienced from him when it occurs to me that our birth mother is somewhat responsible.  That maybe she blamed him for some stuff that he didn't do and yet there  is plenty he has done. I want my car, tires, battery, jumper cables; he broke into my house, he has stolen from me, he has not been a loyal ethical caring brother, etc.  I check out his awful teeth.  I don't want to pour liquor down his gullet -- I want him to succeed but I don't want him to plague me or consider me a resource again.  He needs the mother.   He needs to have an idea to know of the feminine...

Bridge,  I think that is one reason that you and I didn't 'get it' with Ammachi.   We had mother love.  Me for a short while and before brother Barry.  You for longer.  you knew mother love.  those people standing in line did not have that.  There are that many people who found her who didn't have mother love.   That contact with the divine feminine principle.  And as we continue to luckily embody that generous caring touching love people will flock to us, like we flocked to Jeanne, as some flock to Raquel, some to You, to Me....anyway... I think bro Barry is pretty nearby and I'd hope to see some responsibility and change but thus far I'd say he is invested in
his old self as long as he encourages my freak son to sell him my car etc etc etc.

Insights and Interpretations:

I think June has discovered her own interpretations on this dream.  I appreciate her contributing to my website.   Ammachi is a lady, of Indian decent - I believe, who travels around the world passing out hugs to people who travel literally miles to see her.  I went to one of these things once and as June states, I hung back and allowed others to go forward for the hugs.  It did not seem necessary for me.

In addition, I felt very strongly that my guides were holding me back, shielding and protecting me.  I still do not know what that sensation was about but I felt very strongly that they spent their time that day cloaking me from other people there at the ceremony.  It was an odd experience and something I have not forgotten, but it is still something that I have not understood.

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October 4, 2000

The Dream:

I had a vision-like dream last night. I was being shown different images by some unseen being. I knew they were there, but never got an image that I can remember. Some were apocalyptic, but others were just of normal everyday scenes. (I remember a pasture or park as one of them). The eerie thing was that every so often my unseen guide would say "understand?". I didn't.

Insights and Interpretations:

These types of dreams may actually be scenes of things to come in your life.  They can sometimes be global in nature if you happen to catch glimpses of real places and can attach a real meaning to them.  On this dream, the only thing (two things really) that stand out are that

a.) you have help...guides who are helping you with your life and assisting in where it is going (we all have guides but sometimes they show up in dreams to let you know they are there and to give support).

b.) apocalypse type of occurrences would generally indicate a confrontation coming to a head.  If you can remember who or what was associated with those scenes, it might indicate where this confrontation will be coming from....(i.e.), your mom or dad, could indicate a conflict involving your parental or home front.  Faces from work could indicate a confrontation with your workplace.  If there is no sense of where this is coming from, it might be something you are peripherally involved in like a car accident or witness to like a car accident but you would have no idea or sense of this occurring before it actually happens.

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Boats and More

October 4, 2000

The Dream:

I had another dream last night that is constantly recurring in different forms. It also started just after my brain injury:

I spent several years of my life around boats, particularly sail boats.  I worked in a boat factory. I have built several boats of my own, or for other people, and I have sailed a lot around the Florida Keys. Two or three nights a week I dream about boats, and they never seem to get me where I want to go. Something always goes wrong. The dream last night was weird. I was trying to launch this small 12 foot sailboat off a seawall. Someone else was with me, but I don't know who. She was a she. ("She was a female" is redundant.) We got the boat in the water with great difficulty, and were having a lot of trouble getting the sails up and getting oriented. Suddenly there were hundreds of boats in the water all around us. They were not all just small sailboats. There was a big Navy ship and a couple of big square riggers. They were moving all around us, and we were swamped. The boat was upside down, and I woke up when I surfaced under a green sail.

There were a lot of details I have left out. I have great difficulty remembering my dreams. When I first wake up they are vivid in my mind, but the instant I try to recall the details, it is like somebody took an eraser and wiped out my mind. I draw a complete blank. Often, I can't even remember the subject I was dreaming about.

Insights and Interpretations:

Ok, I see two things going on here.  One, boats will generally represent an emotional issue....I say that because they are always in water and water represents the emotions (the bigger the boat is the bigger the issue can sometimes be or just that it wants to get your attention so they make the boat bigger).  Two is that since you always worked around boats then they are probably indicating an emotional issue relating to your work (because boats for you will represent how you used to make a living).

The general thing I see here is that you are having some problems getting these emotional issues to surface or stay afloat.  Since you have given me some personal history in the last dream let me step out here and say that maybe some of the surgery they did on you makes it more difficult to bring these issues to light (and to remember too).  The woman in the dream can be representing a real person that you know who is trying to help you or a more feminine aspect of yourself that is needed to help you resolve the recurring issues in the dream.  For instance, if women represent gentleness or kindness or patience, she may be telling you that you just need to be a little kinder with yourself or patient and the dream will resolve on its own. 

There is some significance (in my opinion) with the green sail that you find yourself under.  Green can represent wealth and healing.  This could be two-fold in that if this healing can occur, then the money will follow.  Is it possible that you are doubting your faith?  The fact that the boats never get you to where you want to go would indicate something like this to me....maybe the current work that you do just isn't enough, its not providing for you financially the way you would like it to. 

I get a strong sense from both dreams that you have been urged or asked (by spirit?) to try your hand at another line of work and maybe you don't want to see that avenue.  Spirit has a way of closing down options until you see that you really have no choice but the peruse the obvious that they have been thrusting in your face for months, sometimes years.  Does this ring a bell for you at all?  I mean, look at the options you have for an income or a way of life and see if you have been resisting it.  Maybe now is a good time to embrace it and move forward.

One thing I can say for certain regarding recurring dreams is that when you start to identify what parts of them mean, they will start to change.   They may go away all together or certain aspects of them may change.  If this is the case, you should pay close attention to those changes because they will be hints on where you need to focus or direct your attention.

If you have comments I can add to this, please feel free to send them along and I will post them.

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The Bridge

November 27, 2000

The Dream:

We had to cross a bridge. We were in a mash unit truck. It was a huge Bridge and we new it was Booby trapped. We had booby trapped it. We were going across it and a sniper started shooting at the Bomb, trying to get it to go off. We went faster. The sniper was on our side - friendly fire. The Bomb goes off and the Bridge starts to collapse, but we had already made it across before the whole thing fell.


Insights and Interpretations:

Friendly fire makes me think that perhaps someone had been offering constructive criticisms that might not have seemed so constructive at first blush.  It would indicate to me that there might be a situation that was an offering of help in some way but that there might have been conditions attached to that help.  Everything seems to work out well for Howler in the end though even though the bomb does go off.

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College Images

October 25, 2000

The Dream:

You and I were walking around a campus with Sandy?  I got the impression she was a sophomore in college and getting ready to change schools.   Then we were sitting in a dorm room watching TV, and I was getting antsy because we were suppose to be catching a flight in less than an hour.  So I finally said "Ok, so are we ready".

Then I woke up - is Sandy thinking about going to Australia with us?

Insights and Interpretations:

Gee, I hadn't really spoken to her about it.  I will ask though, maybe she would like to go.  The weird thing is that she is getting ready to go back to school to get her teaching certification.  And, dream last night I was walking around an old Ivy league
college campus and there was a party down by the pool but it was dark so I don't think they were supposed to be there...I am apparently in a hurry and I walk up this big hill to the main admin building and Hector is there and he wants to buy me a cup of coffee but I am really in a hurry so as he is in line to buy, I try to wander off and there you are and you start talking to me and I am trying to get you to move around a turnstile type of thing (it
might have been a magazine rack) and I keep looking over my shoulder to see if Hector is going to catch up to me.

Weird huh?  Maybe we were on the same campus.  Also weird is that sandy is a sophomore in your dream and a teaching certificate is generally a 2 year degree \ program.

Thanks for sharing...I will post it...send me anymore that you get.

Love you, brig
(I had a dream the other night that my passport was stamped with a bunch of "A" Amsterdam, Africa, Australia - And, a friend of ours wants to do Amsterdam next April - What do you think, are you up for it, instead of DC?  Ticket will probably be about $5-600 a piece, then food and hotel)

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March 1, 2001

The Dream:


I was in the kitchen, it was daylight and summer. The back door was open and guess who walked in - Mr. Fain! It was because he had a showing from me to go do. Steve was there too. Anyway he was in a hurry. He looked at his watch and it was 10:30 - the showing was 11:00. I got dressed, I put on a black and white summer long dress (polka dot, and short sleeved). I remember looking in the mirror deciding if my hair should be up or down. I left it down. I left for the showing and woke up.


I was with my old girlfriend I haven't seen for 1 year. We ended up driving around and ended at her house taking pills to make you trip (ecstasy) anyway I had an old black Mercedes, hers was red. WE drove around some more. I dropped my car off somewhere, the next think I know I wake up for work and my car wasn't there. I didn't remember where we dropped it off.

I really (real life) woke up and looked out the window to make sure my car was still there.

Insights and Interpretations:

You are "cooking" something up for the summer term. It is a back way of reaching what it is you are searching for and involves people you already know. It might also be asking you to look at people around you and notice who is helping and who is hindering in your life. In a sense, this is a time for you to test and prove some things to yourself. The hair to me represents whether you want to go more conservative and traditional and put your hair up, or if you want to be a bit more free spirited and leave your hair down.

Second piece is again making reference in a change of vehicle, mode of movement in your life...I would say that you have been mentally preparing for this transition for at least a year. Cars alot of times represent jobs to me...and the way you describe yours is old, traditional, black, conservative, but has the prestige, wealth and value that goes with it ... and might well describe some peoples opinion of the real estate world. Because you friend has a red car though and you notice it, I think there might be another opportunity that you will have to consider - or teach yourself how to make a black Mercedes red (more fire - life - exciting).

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Double Phoenix

November 3, 2000

The Dream:

I had a dream where I had a conversation with a shaman and saw two Phoenix circling high in the sky above me.  I think we were on a train or bus or something but don't really recall.  Then I had another dream where I had about a half hour meeting with Clinton and then a 4 hour meeting with Gore.  When I left I walked through this crowd of people and ran into you. You led me around a corner to this tattered house and took me upstairs to an attic room that you and Andy (and someone else I don't recall) said you were renting as a sleeping room.  It was bizarre.

I can't figure out why I am dreaming of all of these influential people.  Any idea what a phoenix and a shaman (or maybe he was a wizard) indicates?


Insights and Interpretations:

You could be making contact with "important" people who are helping you out.  I am sure the two Phoenix flying overheard is very powerful.  The whole Shaman sequence sounds to me as if your guides might be trying to tell you they are there and to pay attention to your dreams.  You get some pretty good detail.

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Find Yourself

November 28, 2000

The Dream:

To begin this I should point out that for a long time I have not remembered my dreams. This one came vivid. 
We were in a big house. Not haunted really, but like a haunted house. Big and mysterious, dark and eerie. There were Escher like staircases and mazes, and secret passageways. There were five of us. The only person who I remember distinctly was my friend Penny. We were all being tested, tho I don't know why. We had all made it through several rounds of tests and I get the feeling we five were the only ones left.
Me and three others waited for Penny to complete Her last test. Penny came through a door and we all cheered. I gave Penny a hug and all of the sudden a bright light shined down on us. A booming disembodied voice called me forward to accept my last test. "Find Yourself" the voice ordered.
I was off, through the doorway. I was running at super speeds around this big mansion. Up and down stairs, into secret doors, along dark hallways and all the while my adrenaline is building. I am leaving a vortex wake like the 'Flash'.
I hear a noise or something that tells/alerts me to head upstairs. I take these steps four at a time, It's a huge back and fourth staircase. I am like a super hero now. I mean my adrenaline is soaring and confidence is through the roof.
I rush through a doorway, into a room (bedroom), There's a doorway to the balcony and I head that way. There is no railing on the balcony, and I leap right off the edge, without slowing down. I survey the scene during the 3 story drop.
There is a private beach, an alcove where ocean waves roll in. My fall is very 'Matrix' like and carries me far out on the beach. I only hit the ground then spring out again. Another superhuman jump which carries me a good 50 yards out into the surf. I hit the water with a minor splash. I am right in the middle of an ocean current, like a river. I surface as it takes me and starts to pull me out to sea.
Off to my right I see myself floating on a raft, safely out of the current. The Raft me looks astonished, "that was cool", he says. I struggle to get out of the current as I realize I am failing my test. "Fuck!" I say as I give up the struggle. I see him, the house behind him, flood lights on the beach, as I am sucked/dragged along with the Ocean current. Out into the dark of night.
My chest is on fire trying to breath and I feel a pressure on my chest. I hear Brigitte call my name. Brigitte is patting my chest as I wake with a start, and I am trying to catch my breath and calm my beating heart. "What were you doing?" she asks. "Trying to find myself I say.


Insights and Interpretations:

Well, I don't think I can add much to this dream.  If I received a dream like this, I would think I was passing a test where I was trying to find my true self.  Now, since he didn't pass or felt he failed, I might take a more active search for this self in my awakened state or ask for help in another dream.  The running through the house can be an indication of searching secret compartments of the mind, the subconscious and the unconscious, the ego and other areas that we identify with.  I would have thought he was going to fast to really see anything and might have slowed down just a tad if I had been him but then sometimes you aren't cognizant enough to tell yourself to slow down and take a look at what is around you.  Because he ends up landing in water and sees himself on a raft I would leap out here and say it might be connected to an emotional issue.

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Forgotten Tools

January 26, 2001

The Dream:

PPS:  I had this dream last night:  I was in the mountains near San Francisco, doing a home repair, and had a lot of electric tools with me, like saws and drills.

I was not driving, and had to catch a local bus home.  There were several bus   lines with strange looking "hippie type" buses.  I got on one, but it was not going exactly where  wanted to go. I started asking people about which bus I should transfer to, and finally got off at a recommended spot. 

While I was looking for the transfer bus, I realized that all my tools were left on the previous bus, and I did not know the name of the bus company!  I woke up.

What does this mean?


Insights and Interpretations:

I might think, if it were mine, that I was doing some work on myself but was not aware of the work I was doing on taking the bus, might be an indicator that you are making progress but not using your own vehicle.

I might also think that the work being done is incomplete and that you might be relying on others for some input and help on the repairs. This might not be a traditional avenue of work that you are doing, hence the strange hippy type buses.

Homes can represent the psychi and the physical body, automobiles of any sort can mean things that take you from one place to another.

I like that you left your tools on the other bus because it may be telling you that the tools you used to use won't work for you any longer which is why you are taking the new bus.

Interesting dream, let me know if any of it seems to ring true. I will post the little bit you sent when I get a chance.



Brig: Your reply made a lot of sense. I am trying to improve myself, without transportation, but mostly because June is using my car, and "loans" it to me when I need it. Ha

"My work is incomplete, and I am working on unfamiliar projects."

My work is never "finished". I am trying to fix the electronic seat on my sister-in-law's new Honda, and June's gas furnace is out of order.  About 2 hours ago, I fixed her electronic baseboard heater. I am now testing it.

I am a retired drilling engineer, and almost everything I do is unfamiliar. If other people could do it, they would not ask me.

I am going to sleep, so I can have another dream for you to work on.  Note the time on this e-mail. I was awake all night.

Thank you,


PS: My dreams are very vivid, and have a constant theme running through them. They are not the same dreams, but they always involve transportation, like buses, trains, airplanes, and sail boats. They usually end , not in a disaster, but some simple complex like not knowing which bus to catch in the middle of nowhere, or not having enough change to pay the bus fare. I am frequently on an International flight to Bombay or Paris, and can't pay for the ticket to come home.  Then it gets more complicated. I am in an expensive hotel in Paris, and can't pay the rent, or my dinner check. Somehow, I usually get past that stage, or I wake up.

A strange thing about my dreams is, that they melt away like hot butter, if I try to recall them. Most of my dreams are forgotten entirely, within seconds of awakening. The unusual part is, that I can actually feel my dream thoughts being wiped out. It is
like using a wet cloth on a blackboard, to erase chalk marks.

Once a dream is gone, it is gone forever. I hink I should sleep with a tape recorder, and record my dreams at the moment I wake up. I promise myself to do this, but never do. Often, I may cling to one element of the dream, that will serve to remind me of the other parts. Sometimes this works, but not usually.


PS: Those were not "Hippie" buses. They were just European buses, that have a different style than American buses. You know when you are riding in a Mercedes bus, and not an American made Blue Bird bus.

Thanks again for listening to my ramblings.

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Half Born Chick

December 12, 2000

The Dream:

It was really short with no beginning or end -

I was at some type of party with some friends - one of whom I work with - Lynn and her husband - Tom.

we left the party and went back to their house, but it was just Tom and I at first - when we got to their house, we started to cook pizza and hard boiled eggs, but when Tom put the eggs into the water one of the was almost a chick that was coming out of the shell.  Of course I was grossed out and Tom just kind of took it with a grain of salt.  In the mean time, these two dogs are bouncing around the house (which happen to be Lori's dogs?).  Then Lynn gets home and we sit down to eat - I have no idea what happened to the half born chick?

Love ya,

Insights and Interpretations:

The eggs might represent a new idea, one of which has begun to hatch already.  Although I don't know what you might be doing that would fall under this category.

Dogs to me usually represent loyalty of some form, playfulness also...this could be in relationship to whatever is going on that might be hatching.  Perhaps you are doing something that will bring more playfulness into your life.

The only thing that doesn't sit well is that you were grossed out by the chick that was hatching so maybe this is an endeavor that you really didn't like in the beginning but might turn out alright.  Is Frank going through a job change or anything?  You perhaps, changing your course at the office?

I don't know.  From what I know is occurring in your life...these things don't seem like the right interpretation but I don't know what else to give you.  Let me know if anything fits.

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Helicopter Ride

October 14, 2000

The Dream:

I am in a resort room, like an apartment with the design of a square, rooms in a square with green grass in the center and tables and umbrellas and flowers.  Looking out of the window with Kelsey, my granddaughter, about 3 years old hearing a loud noise.  It is a helicopter and a friend of mine, Michael, is flying.  He is usually a bull in a China shop type persona but was very calm and confident.  He set the helicopter down and Kelsey and I got in.

Michael took us about 20 feet very slowly and gently, then forward about 20 feet then back down very slowly.  As he started to take off, I put Kelsey on my lap and strapped in.  No panic.  I was very calm, very trusting in Michael.  He took the helicopter up and down a couple of times very slowly.  When Michael would move the helicopter I would think the blades would hit buildings but then immediately he smiled gently and I dismissed all fear and just trusted in him.  It was very relaxing and fun in a slow and gentle sort of way.

As Kelsey and I get out of the helicopter I see my daughter who has come to pick us up.  She is looking in a window of collectables.   She has a very bad hair cut and looks like its been frosted heavily.  It looks dirty and smashed to her head.  Her back is to me and I notice the smashed spot of hair at the back of her crown and I zoom in and realize she is gray and white clear down to the root.

Everyone was totally different than in the waking state.  Michael is a talker and kind of not aware of what is around him all the time.  Kelsey is a talker and makes no apologies.  My daughter is 33 with rich thick full beautifully naturally curly dark hair.

Insights and Interpretations:

I told JoAnne that I thought the helicopter represented her shift in consciousness, raising up and down, gently so she would not become frightened of the process.  And, she was carrying her inner child in her lap.   When she landed, her daughter appeared to her with gray hair which I thought might represent her crone self.  To me, this dream is an example of acknowledging out inner child and crone self and incorporating them into the person we are becoming.

The collectibles might represent old thought processes that she had collected over the years also.

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Just Floating Along

September 28, 2000

The Dream:

My neighbor and I are out in a boat. In the ocean.  I lay down for a nap and find myself on a big boat which is for sale in the ocean... farther out than I really care to be.  I'm starting to think about how cold and deep it is and dark and for some reason I go hang off it to trim something from it.  I need to carefully guide a razor sharp knife between stitches (Ginny's husband just had a surgery not possible 10 years ago...his aorta split the length -- just split and they went in and did something.. his vitality not back yet) This is the biggest that kind of boat I've been on. Not a sailboat to my knowledge but surrounding it is this plastic or film which I am hanging over the side carefully trimming. When a big Onassis type boat goes by and I have to re-adjust my notion of big. I wasn't on a big boat any longer. I was on a little fishing boat for sale in the Pacific. ( my neighbor is always talking about his sailing days and my brother did run one once in Panama City and god knows we were sailors together in a past life and I don't know where the treasure is nor that it is what it is all about this time I really think my brother expects me to uncover it someday)

When a family in a much smaller boat comes aside to inquire about the boat for sale. They come aboard but I'm working. They leave and I hear them say they don't need a boat as big as ours.. like it  is really something.

When suddenly zooming along as seeming ocean mach speed goes a bone fide mine sweeper. NOW that's big. And the family and I are excited to see a big thing and as it becomes tiny in the distance and I go about cutting this seam 'fore?' on the boat Now comes an destroyer. Hello I'm from Indianapolis and what the hay are you doing in my dream? How do I even know what you are when here comes an aircraft carrier which is hauling an island with palm trees and skis and hula skirts and lawn chairs behind it. Now that's really truly big.   When here comes another ship which takes up the horizon. I've cut the seam around 3/4 of the boat when now I'm going to have to maneuver to where I began to go another direction to complete the job I'm not sure why I'm doing it in the first place. Busy hands? So me and the Navy are both maneuvering. I woke up wondering if I should try to take a ship to New Zealand rather than a plane. (I had wondered about somehow taking something usable for sale in New Zealand and paying for my trip brokering) And I never finished that seam job. Gods knows there are enough unfinished jobs around here... and I can hum the Unfinished Symphony ... as in this is the Symphony that Mr. Schubert never finished.

Insights and Interpretations:

Your friends interpretations are convoluted enough to be a dream in itself. He really talks straight metaphor - which for you, might make more sense.

What I see here would indicate travel...I agree with him there. I think it is very strong suggesting that you have opportunities to see much more in the world and that maybe this France trip is provoking some of that.  I want to look at it more - I love the ships getting bigger and bigger until they are actually dragging an island behind them. That is beautiful and it made me laugh.  

Boats will generally represent things that move you from one place to another.  And usually, it is of an emotional variety because they are moving you through water which represents emotions.  However, I don't get that sense so much here.  I feel like this might have been a partial life review for you.  Seeing where you have been and where you want to go.  You are working on something...the seam on the boat, something is not quite right and you are trying to fix it.  The boats keep getting bigger and bigger and of a different variety. (And, you discount yourself because you think your little boat isn't much of anything - when it is more than some peoples) One boat is pulling an island with hula girls (hey if that isn't a preview I will eat my shorts - you are going to go someplace where this is a normal occurrence).  The metaphor of working with your hands here makes me think that you might be changing how you make a living too, or perhaps the types of clients you attend to.  I am not sure but would be interested in finding out.  I just saw this too, the boat you are on is for sale (something that you sell - like your work)?

Cold deep and dark is how you describe the ocean but you are just floating along here as if nothing is effecting you at all.  Could you be in denial?  I definitely feel that something is trying to make an impression on you and that is why the boats keep getting bigger and bigger and now I am back to you trying to fix the seam.  I think I am missing something specific (maybe you are missing something specific) here, something that should be obvious.  Hmmm.  If I think of anything else, I will let you know.

Other Interpretations:

Boat dream......

Jeeeez....woman! you conjure images that fails eloquence....sequentials wont convey just as each note played separately belies the chord...

Foundations....unconscious...separation... unity...skating the thin line between chaos, balance and self preservation all come into play....and much much more!

Look at compensations for those in your life judged a bit are all elements of that dream adjusting perspectives for balance...awareness is acute moreso when precipiced in ultra focused tedium for survival only for that which you know...

But tis a voyage...upon a deck upon the depths of all spiritual and hidden and forever seductive as the notes become chords and your source hovers comfortably below as you do whats necessary for now...

Islands of consciousness pass thru your days...replete with autonomy that separates one from another but as our individual selves are but corks afloat upon the joint ocean of life ripples of connections tingle the collective unconscious that joins us all....

All that is is not what it seems and the journey hints treasures below....

Own your 'boat' without borrowing that which is for sale and heal your seams for yourself....

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September 28, 2000

The Dream:

Ok, analyze away:

My husband and I are talking about the fact that he just won $100k dollars on a lottery ticket - and we are kind of thrilled about the situation. Then I somehow end up in a bar and I purchase a lottery ticket and the lady asks me if I want her to check to see if I won - so I say sure. And she is looking at me kind of strange and starts shaking her head. So I ask her how much? And she just hands me the ticket, I realize that it is $50 million.. I have asked the guy sitting next to me to verify that I really won and he does. I am so excited that I scream. So I walk back into the other room where my husband is sitting at a table and tell him that I have just won $50 million - he is excited. We are talking about it, and he is joking about holding the tickets in his wallet, I of course step in and say no way and promptly put the winning tickets safely in my purse. (this portion needs no analyzing - we all know that I dominate over him in the money situation) Then I state that we need to get a lawyer before we go cash in the tickets, and in the back of my mind I am wondering how are we going to invest the money and how are we going to find someone good enough to help us out - since I do not know that much about investing.

Then I woke up -

Insights and Interpretations:

Good for you, you remembered one. Well, right off I noticed that you win 500 times what your husband wins. Now this is obvious to me that you are still in the money situation where your earnings are more than his. What this should show you is that your husband is happy to share and talk about the money he just won and he didn't tell what you were going to do with it or anything.  But here you go having to one-up him and win $50Mil.

Step back from the obvious scenario and you have a metaphor where your husband does contribute but you are always contributing more, look at how you are handling it. He seems pretty open and unconcerned and you seem kind of paranoid and insecure (hence putting the ticket away in your purse for safe keeping).

Now, here is something interesting...why do you need a lawyer before you cash the ticket? ( I looked up lawyer and it said that it represented a friends marriage - what would that mean? ) An accountant maybe but a lawyer is just a blood sucking - take your money for nothing - type of person here...almost like you are saying I get part, frank gets part, and we are just going to throw away the rest of it here. (maybe it was a metaphor for the government and their taxes). You receive gifts and you want to turn it into something that works for you.  And you are willing to pay an investor instead of learning about it yourself (you're not stupid, for $50mil you could quit your job and learn all about investing) - why didn't that occur to you? hmmm?

The short version is straight metaphor. Your husband may not have as much to offer as you do but he is always happy when you have what you have and more than even he has. He is supportive of you in this manner. Most men are threatened by this. Even his joke about keeping the ticket tells you that he knows who handles the money just as much as you do.

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Missed Wedding

November 20, 2000

The Dream:

I just had an awful real-like dream that I'd missed my own wedding but it was simply dreaming what I'd been feeling Saturday afternoon when I saw white balloons on Market street advertising a little chapel of weddings and I felt like I should go in because the wedding was my own but for the fact that I'd not applied to my knowledge for the proper papers and that wasn't going to happen unless 'we' went to Kentucky and I saw the reception for the Athenaeum and missed my own wedding...and then I went to the sex shop and bought high high heels so I could see him eye to eye when he channeled music and oh la la seeing him excited me so much and here is the guru Babaji stuff making everyone him... even the neighbors visitors who use words like origami and look so clearly into my eyes and I also bought a hat at the shop made by a company called elope see how it is all around me?  Everywhere I look and I am buzzing lots Elope I thought that's it an E word ... elope.  That's what we'll have to do... elope.   oh gods in heaven scent and me missing my own wedding and not having to do this agony.

I woke up terribly disturbed by my own hesitation...and re-reading your dream of last August with the horse and the dog and the man in you and you fighting and him only trying to help and the cold and the anger????
I don't know about that anymore.... for me,  anger.  oh I don't know.

Insights and Interpretations:

I am afraid I can't be much help on this one.   Missing the wedding would tend to indicate to me that I might be missing an important integration of some part of myself.  She has alot of detail here and I think the important bit of information is that she was disturbed by her own hesitation.   Hmmm, she was just getting ready to do some major travel too so there may have been some carry over with fears about her upcoming travels.

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More Mutants

October 13, 2000

The Dream:

In the dream, I spied upon a return to the warm night pool the back of a gal with pubescent boobs on the back of her shoulders but above her shoulders were extra thighs at her neck was a bit of a butt when she turned around what a sight to see the face right above the oh so near pubic area right between thighs resting on her shoulders. One guy in the pool was some combination of man/hammerhead shark.

Well, I have been having some yearning erotic feelings upon awakening this past week. And I have times seem the body I'm working on as a big face...the legs as arms, the arms as legs and what is that all about?  but the dream had twinges of remorse, fear, discomfort, horror, just twinges.  But after awakening I didn't return to it.   nor did I fathom it for long
nor did I imagine I would forget it entirely so I didn't write it down...I'm sure there is more.  I may avoid John though.  Warning?  Omen?  Prophetic?  Or simply all those Picasso-esk images at the art show/s I been to of Peregrine showing me the magazine PERFECT TEN and mentioning how she would present images of distortion by putting postures on different heads... one snapshot she'd arranged had a tee-shirt on two gals... so you saw four legs and just one head.  For further puzzle of the contortions of the world read GEEK LOVE.

Insights and Interpretations:

Again, I will have to go with what June has submitted.   There are some things here that make me feel like June is trying to connect with an incident from her youth and work that out.  Something that might have made her feel like she was a mutant or different in some way.  The water representing emotional issues and she even says that there is some remorse, fear, discomfort, horror (twinges).   It seems so many of us just need to remember that we are human, people make mistakes, and even if we can not find a way to forgive others...we can start with our self.   There are not wrong choices in our past, all has led us to where we are today.   Start here!

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New Children

September 21, 2000

The Dream:

This was posted to my guestbook and I have retrieved it for the posting and the interpretation.

A Different Map... I've been instructed that dreams were healing, instructive, omens, prophecies etc. etc. I enjoy Brigittes dreaming ability. Here's my September 21-22.A different Map I was home and not home -- 'my house' was in a courtyard, big nice complex of other houses and apts. connected in unusual and yet wide open ways. The halls were baroque w/o the filigree - Big between domiciles. Lots of kids and activity. I make it to my place after being given a birds eye view of the brass door ala tudorish on the interior corner of the courtyard. Instead of textured painted walls It could have been green and yellow alive, moss, or carpet.

I'm looking into and approving of the room when a little boy comes in the back door through the house and into the large sunny yellow and green room -- the boy is stooped over to pick up a piece of the carpet showing it was actually lots of pieces of different carpet but incredibly dusty when he does this like limestone or plaster of Paris dust. I'm in the front room where a woman is visiting with her delightful daughter whose eyes shone.

I'm physically playing with this girl. Other pubescent girls join in the roughhouse. A veritable puppy pile. I am in a position overhead to notice the shining eyes little girl's head is hollow and there is machinery for eyes, brain including the projected light. I begin to notice that every other child has some bizarre difference. By now, other adults have appeared and are sitting on the furniture. Generally it is somewhat happy but I become alarmed when a last little girl flings herself atop me and her legs are webbed together. I am looking wondering what to make of it. Is she a mermaid and though her feet could well be part of a tail/flippers

There are shades of irritation, anger and fear. Though I don't feel fearful I just must get these unusual creatures OUT OF MY SPACE. I begin with the 'mermaid child' and have to drag and toss everybody out. Including well dressed flamboyant adults who hesitate and object. Last was a man resembling Tony Randall who for some reason I knew I had to spit on and I did... he did me better. Globs better. I wondered if I had gotten everyone... even wondered if when I woke up would I need to smudge the house or ever look over my shoulder? Feel fine. love is mine... hot censored and it ain't even October yet.

Insights and Interpretations:

Well, this is very bizarre ala MzChaos style.  If I were going to a literal translation (and quite frankly, I am not sure where else to go with it).  Here it is.  The house representing different rooms, phases of the psychi, and we like what we see here...we're actually quite impressed...I mean look at that brass door (gosh I really wanted to say knocker there).  Anyway, we are pretty impressed with the surroundings.  Next thing we come the kids.  The cool thing here is that they are all different...I told the dreamer that there could be some judgment on her part regarding their differences and maybe she needed to look into it.  But here is what I see, the girl with the machinery for brains and projected light, goodness sounds an awful lot like kids who are tuned into the computer now-adays.   They can grasp information and concepts so much faster than we did as kids.   Related could be the webbed legged girl in that computer bound kids don't get around as much as they could physically but I am willing to bet this has something to do with sexuality.  The webbing of the legs could be representing old belief systems regarding the proper way a lady should behave.  And its no wonder that the dreamer has become irritated, angry and fearful.  If all these old judgments were popping out at you - would you become just a little irritated too? 

The beauty here is that the dreamer says enough of this crap.  You and all your weirdness, your judgments have got to go...get on out!   Perhaps she is doing some house cleaning in her own psychi?

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No Cash On Hand

October 3, 2000

The Dream:

This is an interesting dream because I do not know this person and had no personal details about them or their life.  He responded to my analysis and I have included those comments at the bottom of the page.

I have been having a recurring dream for the past 10 years.  The dream is always different, but the basic elements are always the same.   In one part, I am always in some situation where I have to pay for something. But, I don't have the cash, have lost my credit card, have lost my pre-paid ticket or my wallet, etc. My dream always involves traveling to some exotic location on trains, buses, planes, etc. There are several other recurring elements.  Later, I may go into detail.

Insights and Interpretations:

Ok, as far as your basic elements of the dream you sent

I would have to say that when you started having this dream (10 years ago) something probably significant shifted for you. The wallet and credit cards etc, usually represent a sense of self. It maybe that you started doing something different which required you to adopt a new personality that your old identity no longer here you are in this new exotic place and you suddenly have none of your past resources to support you. I had a dream very similar to this once where I was diving for my ID in the sewer and I had all this fear wrapped around it and when I dove in, it was warm water and the purse was pushed into my hand (as if telling me - I have lost nothing). Its just a change. When I first read this, I felt that there might have been some insecurities attached to this new life you have brought about (as if you did not feel you were worthy and had nothing to pay for this new life). I don't know if any of this makes sense to you or not....but those are the senses I get. So what happened to you that caused you to re-evaluate your life at that time? If you can figure that out, then the rest of what I have said might make sense to you. See to me, the credit cards (Id stuff) relates to who you are and the cash and pre-paid tickets represent what you have to offer.

Let me know if this feels on or off ( the other details obviously add more and kind of round out the dream) and, know what happened to you specifically makes a big difference on the interpretation because dreams are personal and are meant to be guidance to the person having them. But this is the sense of things that I get.

Talk to you later and thanks for giving me a chance to take a look at somebody I don't know and interpret. :-)

Brig (MzChaos)

Dreamers Comments:

Your interpretation of my recurring dream is very close to the mark.

About 8 years ago I did undergo a dramatic change in my lifestyle. A burglar broke into my home at 1:00 am, and woke me up at gunpoint. I offered him everything I had, but he smashed in my head with a gun butt and left me for dead. I was unconscious for 14 hours before a friend found me on the floor. I was in a coma in the hospital for two more weeks, and spent 5 months in the hospital for rehabilitation. The brain injury paralyzed my throat, and I am on a tube fed liquid diet for the rest of my life. I was forced into retirement, and am living on a disability pension from the VA,

The recurring dream I told you about; where I am in some embarrassing situation where I find I don't have any money in my pocket to pay a restaurant bill, a hotel bill, or the bill for an airline ticket, etc, started just after this brain injury. Exactly as you said, I suddenly had none of my past resources to support myself. After the injury I had to adjust to a new lifestyle. For a while, it certainly left me with feelings of insecurity.

I had another dream last night that is constantly recurring in different forms. It also started just after my brain injury: .....Oooops, are you interested in this dream too? If you are, then I posted it and you better go to the dream posting called Boats and More.

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Puerto Rico?

September 24, 2000

The Dream:

Strangest thing happened, I had a very detailed dream about you this morning and when I got onto the web just now found this whole website you have going. Pretty strange wouldn't you say. I have not been able to check the web for some time.

Here it is...

I was in a big beautiful home getting coffee for a man who was in bed. At some point in time I realized that it was Charles Schwab!! I was talking to him and he started making the moves on me when he mentioned that if he slept with me he would have to tell his son and that would cause him to have to move so I said No, I don't want to do that and besides, I love my Husband. He said okay and got out of bed and started talking to me. He told me that if I wanted to get "her" to go along with the idea, he would finance us, and he recommended I find her and take her to Puerto Rico for 2 weeks for an all expense paid trip during which I could persuade her to go into business. He would foot the bill. I said "great" and the next thing I knew I was talking to you and we were off to P.R.

I had to leave you for a few days because one other woman was part of the plan and I was trying to find her to have her join us. As I was searching for her in what appeared to be a familiar place, you popped up and said that you had left P.R. because you just weren't sure if you wanted to start the business or not. I sat down with you on a bench in an overgrown garden and explained what a great opportunity it was and that if we got things going we would be quite successful. You said that this was exactly what you were afraid of, not sure if you wanted the stress and strain of the success. We decided to find the 3rd woman (who I still have not identified) and then decide. Several friends helped us search and we finally found her in a run down, ramshackle place in the outskirts of a small town. She was holed up with mean dogs and guns and her neighbors told us to be afraid but for some reason we knew she wouldn't harm me if I went to talk to her.

The last thing I recall was looking at a contract that was discussing our ideas (perhaps internet b to b technology or some such thing) that i was going to show her. Then I woke up.

Insights and Interpretations:

First I have to say that I have to try not to personalize here because since I am in the dream, the dreamer could be picking up on some of what I have been trying to accomplish with this dream page.  Since dreams are usually about the dreamer...that is where I am going to focus.

Here I have to point out some obvious stuff just for background.  The people always represent aspects of the self.  The dreamer is aware of some aspects of their self which is represented by them showing up in the dream.   They are also subconsciously aware of other aspects of them self which is showing up as represented by people they recognize and third, the person that is unrecognizable but she is intent on finding represents some aspect of the dreamer that she is searching for.

It would appear to me that the dreamer has an opportunity to do something different with her life.  She is being encouraged from many different sources and she is explaining this opportunity in a very plush garden so I would say that the dreamer has a chance to do quite a lucrative business from it.  It might involve some travel as the character is traveling to Puerto Rico in the dream.  I think the debate on whether to follow this opportunity is bringing up issues on whether the dreamer wants the stress and strain of success.  It also brings up issues about loyalty since the 'mean dog' represents loyalty perhaps from some individuals who might have been questionable on their loyalty level to the dreamer at some point in the dreamers awakened past.  The gun to me presents that somebody could shoot these dreams down but I feel strongly that if the dreamer will follow her urgings and search for these aspects she feels she is missing that she will come out triumphant and make quite a bit of a success from the opportunity.  The dreamer is not afraid of the success even though she is being warned repeatedly to beware.  The contract symbolizes the coming together of like minds and resources and again supports the rest of the dream and how much support this dreamer has to accomplish her goals.

I had to laugh at parts of this dream, like the identity of the person who is her boss.  The dreamer will know why I find this humorous.    And, I would say that the dreamer may be consciously questioning whether her husband will support her with her new endeavor.  I think she will find that he actual will provide her with more support than she had originally thought he would.

If I get comments back on this that support or deny any part of my interpretation, I will post those later.

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Shaved Head

September 29, 2000

The Dream:

Really short,

I was feeling my head and realized that I had a bout a five inch span on top where I did not have any hair - kind of like a reverse Mohawk? I was not too alarmed, but it was really weird, because it looked like it had been shaved for a purpose because it was such an even strip with no hair?

Insights and Interpretations:

Two things here...I originally said that hair represents glory and when I looked it up, to cut your hair means shame.

However (and this is a big however) I saw this totally different.  What I saw here is that this person has been exploring her spirituality vs. religious issues in the world and what they mean to her.  (I know this because she has discussed it with me).

And, based on that information...this dream means something totally different to me.  Since the psychi is generally believed to be held in the head (third eye, conscious awareness).  And this person claims that she can never remember her dreams yet here she is presenting me with a dream (actually her second one - see the lottery).  I really think this dream is saying that the dreamer is becoming more aware of her psychi and her hidden abilities and that her hair has been removed as a symbol so she can see how easy it is to find when she chooses.

I also note here that she has not fear just a kind of 'oh, gee, isn't that interesting'.  And, It has purpose...Gee thats interesting to me.   Hmmm.

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Well that's all I have for you so far.
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