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Just getting started on the Visitor Dream contributions for this year only have one in so far but will be adding more as I get them.

I archived the contributions that I received prior to 2003 you can find them at Archives 2K1-2K2.

I can not tell you how grateful I am for everybody's support.  I am amazed at how many people are sending me contributions for the website.  It is definitely going to keep me busy.  Enjoy!

Recently archived my older interpretations on dreams that were submitted all the way back into the year of 2000. You can find them at the Contribution Archives  link to the left.

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By all means if you have any commentary on any of these dreams, don't hesitate to Contact me in my guestbook or message boards about them. Be sure to get the dream month and name of the dream in the e-mail so I can reference your comments.

No Clothes


The Dream:

 My 7 year old, told me this morning she had a dream that we were at the mall and she didnt have any clothes on.

Insights and Interpretations:

Naked dreams...fear of exposure...hidding issues from the self or others - fear of discovery. Based on her age, it could be something very basic like she was embarrased in class and felt exposed. And, as I said, sometimes, our kids dream about things we repress as I would always encourage parents to look at this aspect as well.

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Inappropriate Touch


The Dream:

I dreamt that my 8 year old daughter had an 11 year old friend who was a boy. I found out that this boy was doing inappropriate things to her. (touching her were he should not) I tried all night in my dream to seek out this boy and I wanted to literally kill him. Friends and family tried to protect him and hide him. At one point in the dream I did find him and beat him up some, but he got away.

Insights and Interpretations:

Well, that is a bit disturbing - because you have children. But, two have had this discussion with her about what is appropriate and not...right? If not, I would suggest you have the talk with both your girls just in case you are picking something up subconsciously that you need to address.

However, generally, I look at the kids as aspects of the self. I would ask two question. One, what was happening to you when you were 8, and what was happening when you were 11. The thing is...that is the age where most kids start to experiment... and the age gap here isn't all that significant...this could be kind of normal for most kids in real life so...I am not so appalled at the ages or the type of experimentation...unless there is more to the touch than you are sharing in the paragraph with me. This seems quite normal. 

Your reaction as a father seems quite normal as well. However, that isn't really a normal reaction to an experience from the past that this type of dream might be illustrating. Don't look at your age then and think it is something sexual that might have happened to you...look at your life and try to remember something that might have been more a loss of innocence....death of a family member, pet...etc...And, added responsibility...having to learn about life and things that might have been a huge responsibility for someone at the age of 8 or 11. I would even say, that between the ages of 8 and 11, you lost a lot of your own innocence (from whatever).

Also, you see (the boys friends...your little boy self) had a lot of "friends and family tried to protect him and hide him". So even though you took on a subconsciously were aware of support in your friends and family that were trying to help you during your time...even though it might not have felt like it to a young boy. 

The plus side...he is beat up some, but he gets away. That can't be all that bad...right?

Dreamer Response:

Wow! Very interesting. I was 12 when my dad died. I lost all innocence and had to become somewhat of a family head. My mother went into survival mode and shielded all us kids from everything. That kind of makes some sense with the dream. I am pretty in touch with my kids and they have never expressed any inappropriate touching from anyone.

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Seeping Water

January 10, 2003

The Dream: 


In my dream you were living in a two story house with a basement and a large back yard. You had a party at your house and you were there with another man who I don't know. I was there, and Greg and Penny were there. Penny also had another female friend with her (who I don't know). We were all having a great time and drinking. Then I looked over at the fireplace and saw water seeping through it, but it seemed to be draining out somehow so no one paid attention to it. A family friend of mine stopped by to tell us about the clothes she was sewing to sell as the start of a new business (mostly children's clothes). She offered to make my son some clothes if I let her know which patterns I liked. Not sure where that fits in, but after a little bit she left. 

Greg had fallen asleep on the couch, and Penny left with her friend to go home. You came in to say that the yard was completely flooded and we came to look out the sliding glass door. We also realized that the entire basement was flooded. Everyone felt bad, but it looked hopeless. Still, you waded out into the water to try to unblock the drain in the back yard with your male friend. There was a refrigerator in the back yard by the drain and you managed find the drain and remove the debris from it. The water receded amazingly fast. It was late, so Greg and another guy (another unknown) took me back to my house. I fell asleep for a bit and when I woke up I realized that my mother in law had drunken all the wine and beer at my house. She then drove out drunk to get more alcohol. When she came back she had more very strong alcohol and took it upstairs to bed with her. I had looked at the label and was frustrated that she had gotten such strong alcohol and especially driving while drunk to do it. 

Okay, it's a jumble to me, but that's what I remember of it. =) 

Andy is too funny. That just came out of nowhere and shocked me. Feel free to post and use whatever name you want on it (except mine). -- P.T.

Quick Interpretation:

Was the guy helping me to drain the back yard dark headed by chance? it feels like the first part of this dream might even be information for me. I will take a look at the rest of it and see what I get. 

The gist of the water is emotional issues, coming through the fire place would indicate a place where there is fire - or passion or something along those lines...possibly even spirit because fire represents all of those things. 

Let me know if you can remember what the guy looked like at all. I will work on the rest of this. 


The Reply

Have you had any more time to look at this? I think the emotional issues in an area of passion is right on, but still confused on most of the dream. =) -- P.T.

Further Interpretation:

Hey P. : 

Sorry, I didn't get back to you. The gist is what I already told you. Mostly the chimney is representative of something of a hot nature to the emotions... i.e., anger, rage, passion. And, the water, represents the emotions leaking through. A literal translation could mean that small eruptions may be taking place around you in real life, or beginning to manifest. The fact that it is all couched in a party means to me that there is an atmosphere of denial or that we want to take this all lightly and pretend everything is ok but it is obviously happening because it is filling up the back yard. The reference to the backyard could mean something from the past that is still haunting the present. You have help around you that can help to clear the obstruction but you need help to do it. Even your friends (me, and whoever is helping me) needs help to get it cleared. It is a two story house, which means...two differing perspectives at work here...could even be within your own mind, because the house can represent our own minds. The drinking could mean, the real thing, downing your sorrows by avoidance techniques...more denial, maybe even alcohol for real. The refrigerator, represents coldness or even frozen emotions. This could be a way of dealing with the issues... and the children part with the clothing is a rather interesting metaphor. It relates back to your child self, but also to the fact that you have children, and could be the origination of the issue since it is thrown in there kind of as a side note. Like I don't know where this is coming from ...but here it is...and it should be significant even though it doesn't fit with the rest of the dream. I think the snippet is actually trying to pull the pieces together for you as if the problem may lie somewhere in the fact that you either walked away from something when you were younger...or because of your children that your dream is trying to tell you - may not be lost completely if you can deal with the emotional issues that are cropping up at the present moment. The whole mother-in-law portion...could be giving you direction as well. But, based on what I said above, I think I will let you sort through that piece on your that I can post this and be as vague as possible on my interpretation. HA! How is that for being helpful. I will ask Andy to make sure your name isn't on the post. 

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Well that's all I have for you so far.
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