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The List to the right contains dreams that were dreamt before October of 2000. Before I began to  write down my dreams religiously. 

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Bus Driver


This is an old dream I found with a bunch of 1993 stuff. I don't have an exact date on it.

The Dream:

I got off the bus. It seemed like the passengers were school age but not really. I needed a cup of coffee real bad so I ran through the school to find the coffee pot and I was scared to death the bus driver would leave without me. I found coffee and went running back to the bus and I was the only one left to get on. The driver was like "hurry up girl, we are waiting on you." I remember feeling really shy and embarrassed and glad that he had waited. I sat on the bus next to some dark skinned, dark haired guy who I think I had a crush on but he wouldn't have normally been my type. He started hitting on me and I was flattered but the bus driver liked me too and he told this guy to stop and they kind of argued about whether or not I wanted him to stop and I really like this guy next to me. So anyway, somehow all the passengers were gone but me and the bus driver and he asked me what was wrong and I told him I didn't know how to tell him without hurting him. He said to tell him anyway. So I told him I liked the other guy on the bus and he didn't say anything but I felt really bad and I remember pressing my nose up against the window as I watched the scenery go by.

Insights and Interpretations:

Even now, this dream makes me feel really sad as if I missed an opportunity that I might not get again in this life.  Weird, huh?

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Tornado Tail

May 1, 2K

The Dream:

Big Storm...I follow a woman and man across the beach to the woman's house and I am carrying a kitten and a dog. the waves are crashing in and I finally decide I am going to have to let the big dog walk and just guide it by the collar and continue to carry the kitten as it is so small and would be washed away by the waves. We get to the woman's house and look back and the entire beach is nearly gone. And I tell the woman this and she laughs and says "every time we have a storm like this, it washes that beach away and we have to rebuild it." In the house is now the man, the woman, me, the dog, the kitten, a teenage girl and a young boy. The storm is getting worse outside and there is a sound like knocking at the door and suddenly the door bursts open, the tail of the hurricane...like a tornado funnel tail is hovering just outside, then reaches in and plucks the teenage girl, who is holding the little boy in her arms, sweeps them both out of the house. The woman runs to the door and slams it shut. I start moving toward the middle of the home to a safer place wondering why we didn't move inward sooner.

There is an empty hot tub that I settle into with the kitten and make the dog lay down beside me, and the man and woman follow me in. The dream shifts and the woman gets a call on her beeper telling her that somebody is trying to break into her house. We all get out of the hot tub to investigate and here I zone in on the man trying to breach the alarm system on her home. he is dressed in emergency gear with a full face mask like riot gear on and pretending that he is with the electric company. The storm has passed and the townspeople are returning in the street. The streets are overcast and covered in debris. The man realizes he might get caught and tries to reset everything and move away from the woman's house before anyone catches him...but the town people start asking him questions and the man and woman show up behind him. The man knows he is surrounded and trapped....and the dream ends.

Dream Two:

I meet Darlene and Tina for dinner at IVM... where we all used to work. And when I get there, Darlene is there but I can tell that she is very reluctant to be there...almost like she has resigned herself to sit through the dinner. I can tell that she has told Tina what has happened between us and that there is a teaming up between Darlene and Tina in order to protect each other from Me. Tina had to talk Darlene into having dinner with us. .It is as though I am meeting them as adversaries when I thought we were meeting as friends.

Insights and Interpretations:

Dream One, big wind representing miscommunications. The kitten represents the psychi and the dog, loyalty.  I have to carry my psychic ability because it is too young and small to manage on its own but the dog is big and strong and basically says that my loyalty should be able to stand on it own merit.   The man, woman, girl and boy, represent child versions of the self and adult versions of the self.  My inner children are swept away buy this storm (this miscommunication).  My children are being misunderstood, and the worst part here is that I don't defend them.  When they are taken, we don't try to rescue them we just slam the door on their backs.  That really tells me something I don't want to hear about myself (or shows me that I need to give my inner child a little more attention).   To me the break in thing represents me coming to terms with what I have just discussed here, because I just now found myself trapped and cornered into admitting that my children needed attention. 

Dream Two, as sometimes happens there is a fore shadow in your dreams of real life happenings.  And, the above is a real scenario that happened, except Darlene had not told Tina and Darlene did not come to dinner.  So, what was manifested here is my fear that the slight Darlene felt I had delivered to her was going to influence my relationship with Tina.  It did not, but it was enough to know the fear existed.

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Parental Lineage

April 19, 2K

The Dream:

Two nights ago...

I was in a large ceremony and something has just gone drastically wrong...at which point my mother (not what my mom looked like in real life but an entity that was supposed to be my mother) swoops me up and half fly's half jumps up this waterfall with me. We climb across the water and up a cliff and my mothers people are taking me by the arms and helping to pull me up the cliff face. My fathers people of the city is who she is trying to protect me from (a male populated, patriarchal society) and we start running through the jungle which is my mothers domain...her people are from the jungle and as we are running I am thinking that my heart will burst and there is no way that I can keep up but then I realize that I am like a jaguar and the running is easy and is not taxing my body at all even though we are running quite fast....

We come upon this hidden cave entrance which my mother walks into and there is a huge wooden door which leads to a monastery type place and she taps out a code on the door. Somebody on the inside hears her and recognized the code and asks who it is...my mother answers and he recognized her voice as a priestess that used to dwell in the monastery and lets us in. He goes to hug her in the dark and realizes that we are barely clad in bikini type Jane of the jungle wear and he says that he must hurry to get us through the monastery before any of the other monks see us. So he leads us down these darkened hallways to a room that a man is in that knew my mother from the time she was a priestess and he is very happy to see her after all this time. She tells him that we must get off the island because there is no place for me here as the king (my father) owns the city and her people (of the jungle) own the land and therefore I am not safe. The monk laughs and says he has a raft and takes us through to show us the raft and says he can take us anywhere on the island that we want to go.

My mother explains again that we must leave the island all together and the raft has a motor and the monk says that there is land and he points out to sea where there is a dark shape on the horizon and he says that we can go there but he has never been there before. He loads the raft up with gas and at this point I suddenly have a little brother on the raft...and he keeps complaining and moaning and groaning and I am trying to project words into his mind telling him that if he doesn't shut up, I am going to kill him...but he cant hear me until I shout in my mind "Kill you" at which point his eyes get really wide and he realizes that I have just yelled at him in his mind and he shuts up.

My mother is talking away and is asking me questions during all of this and she keeps getting frustrated because I am not answering her but I am answering her mentally but she isn't listening...finally, I speak to her slowly in complete sentences and she hears me in her head and she starts to talk to me and she asks how she can be sure that she is actually talking to me and I tell her that I will scratch the right side of my nose...which I do. then she smiles and squeezes my hand and tells me that I shouldn't talk to her in front of the boy but I explain that he can not hear me unless I force my thoughts into his head. Apparently, this is a talent that the women of my people were adept at but the men never fully learned to succeed at.

So we are on the raft and speeding across this ocean where we suddenly run into modern day boating and crafts that are doing some sort of night time play where they pull crafts around behind their boats and sling them toward each other - object is to get close to pylons or boats without actually hitting them...and we are going to hitch a ride on one of these boats by letting them pull us to the island we are headed for. But in the midst of this, my brother and I end up in the water with a bunch of men from other tipped boats and they start playing a 'game' where they try to push your head under the water. One man in particular becomes real aggressive and keeps trying to push my head under with intent to kill me, drown me. and my brother sees this and tries to come to my rescue.

It becomes me entangled with this man under water and I remember that I can project thoughts to my mother and I send them out that I need help. At this point, I am beginning to breath under water. I see this invisible energy pick the man up and push him head first into a boat motor. As I float there, I realize that if I am breathing water then, oh shit, my real body must be dead...so I find my real body (I am guessing that I am the invisible energy that just shoved this man into the boat motor) and the invisibly me tries to push my body toward the surface and do chest compressions at the same time. As my real body breaks though the surface, my mother is there and rescues me and the thought I have is that my name is Rumor.

As in the communication that takes place in my head is like an echo of words that don't really occur but just linger like a rumor in the air. And that is the end of the dream.

Insights and Interpretations:

This is a tough one because of the detail.  It would almost seem to me that I was picking up a past life or something.  What would be represented by the female / mother aspect and the male / father aspect is still hidden from me.  I am thinking that this represents a choice that I either need to make in my life or will need to make at some point in the future.  (In light of writing this interpretation, now September of the same year, I think it might be the split of quitting a secure job (stability and patriarchal in nature) in order to pursue publication of my dreams (much more feminine and creative).  In an odd way, I am being supported by my feminine connections in whatever this venture will turn out to be.  I think there is a strong indication here that I am being led by spirit also as the invisible me is my form in non-physical form "saving" me and pushing me to the surface.  As water generally represents emotions, then the venture will probably evoke some heaving emotional trauma for me to wade through also.

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Blue Water Transit

June 25, 2000

The Preface:

This was an afternoon nap, actually most of the detailed ones are afternoon naps. I don't seem to remember much about night dreams. I think because I do other work in my dreams at night. I am told that I am a channel for others. The way this was presented was like this.....I am like a computer, which downloads information from the universe and then dispenses it to billions of people while I sleep.

Now, I don't know if this is true. I was given a key word of Telstar. I looked it up on the internet and I don't see all that much that might even be related, like is this supposed to be an entity that is downloading into my consciousness or what? At any rate, I have been doing this for years. I kind of believe this is true (that I am a channel) because I used to think that perhaps I had a split personality that went out drinking and whoring around when I was supposed to be sleeping...as I would wake up feeling like shit, as though I had danced all night and drank three times my body weight in alcohol.

But that is beside the point, here is the really cool dream I had after reading a book by Arthur C. Clarke on Astounding Days...........

The Dream:

There is an Intelligent Blue Water Transit System (IBWTS). Water is used as a conductor for travel to people who knew where to find it. It could spontaneously appear in places it had never been before based on the thoughts of the person traveling through it. They are called travelers. It is also very difficult to track by scientific means because of its ability to appear and disappear but for those who understood it, it was an equation of mathematics, longitude and latitude (I might add attitude), time versus distance and the natural cycles of the moon. A traveler could actually "call" up the blue water if he knew it to be passing under a stream at a particular time and on rare occasions, the blue water could actually traverse through dimensions, to other frequencies or planets. Once the traveler arrived at their destination, the water simply disappeared on its merry way. No body has EVER traveled the full length of the IBWTS. And, we simply do not think, without further study and knowledge, that is can be done. Certainly not at this time.

Near a garden like Perelandra, they had all kinds of plants. We were actually outside the fence of the garden. There was a small flat pig - 2 dimensional, nearly, and it oinked, came toward us and retreated to the garden. A guy was explaining about the tombstones along the area we had just walked. He said that there were actually two bodies under the two large trees we were standing under that had not been marked and wouldn't until later in the year because of the disease that was being referred to as the yellow death. I have no idea what this means but felt that it had killed the two in the ground and that it was superstition of the yellow death "reaching" out of the grave to infect the workers that kept them away. Like a curse of the yellow death, we did not appear to be afraid.

I captured a memory from this guy as he spoke. There were undercover men asking this guy what he knew of the IBWTS, they looked government. They wanted to know what he knew and where it was supposed to next appear. Now remember, thinking about the IBWTS is how you call it up and as this guy is denying any knowledge of it, there is a bubbling in the background in the middle of a field which he can plainly see (and I can see as an observer to the memory) but it is behind the detectives. Suddenly the guy gets kind of nervous and I see him go into some humorous antics to distract the detectives and try to force the thoughts of the IBWTS from his mind.

I personally have never traveled the IBWTS but did capture more memories of this young guys travels which is how I know that it can be traversed inter-dimensionally. I find it fascinating.

One of our party plucks a flower from the garden, a protected area and a big no-no. And, we watch as they cover the plants with a huge grass like tarp for the night. I considered buying some strawberry plants for my yard. Because, everyone knows that the plants here come with magic, i.e. Fairies. And, they would flourish where ever they are planted and take over the yard unless working in harmony with the other fairy plants purchased from the same garden or one like it.

An old woman with pastries is in the house. She worked with fairies or most people thought magic and her pastries would fly off the shelves when they were done. She would have to run around and catch them, setting them gently on the counter before they ended up on the floor of their own volition.

The young guy is wooing a woman in the house and she seems to be wooing him. Reluctantly it would seem. I can't really remember how this piece was woven in but I recall a secret entrance from the garden into the kitchen. And we followed it and ended up climbing from under the counter in the kitchen. This is how we arrived.

There was also some reference to a Zoo and Amusement park down the street from this garden and that was how many people were attracted in to buy the plants.

Insights and Interpretations:

When the dreams represent very little of our pre-conceived notions of how life works, interpretation is left pretty wide open.  As I have been dealing with many emotional issues represented by water, I am going to go with the blue water representing emotions that can carry us many different places.  In this instance, I am going to suggest that it can carry us through different realms of processing and / or different levels of the same emotion, like fear - anger - rage.   I see here again where there is a bit of conspiracy theory added in and a need to conceal, perhaps I should have seen this before now and it would have saved me some private pain with some of the encounters that occur later in my life.  The piece about the old lady and her flying muffins are simply trying to lighten the situation up some and introduce the concept of magic as if we have the power to change things should we need to.

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July 19, 2K

The Dream:

The main character (me) was a homeless person and the first encounter I have is on the street with the well dressed man and his girlfriend in the middle of a bunch of homeless people. I am not sure what the altercation is but I realized that I recognized the woman he is with and she is so stuck up that she doesn't even look at me...even if she had, I knew that she would not recognize me because I was not the way she was used to seeing me and her mind would not have been able to comprehend that I was the same person. As the altercation is taking place, I see the man getting very uncomfortable and at one point he looks at me and we meet eye to eye and he seems somewhat shocked or surprised.

The scene progresses to a few days - weeks later and I am hanging out with the homeless. We are discussing something and you can tell from my speech that I don't belong on the street but all that leaves you is guessing on why I am on the street because I seem to be intelligent and my talk is not street talk but average talk of average people, at one time, I say something and then just get up and walk away from the group of homeless which is quite common - I guess - to just walk away when you are done and go about your business. As I am walking away, I realize that I am in a quite well-to-do neighborhood like 49th and Penn type area and I cross the street to a corner and as I am standing there I hear the shattering of glass and then a car goes racing by squealing their tires, as they pass I see that it is the girlfriend from the first scene but she doesn't see me. Then immediately following a second car goes racing by and as it passes, I see the gentleman from the first scene and as he turns the corner, he sees me. With some shock he recognizes me from the street a few days before and our eyes lock and then he is gone.

So, for some reason, I go to his house and he has not locked his door because he was hell bent on catching the girlfriend so I let myself into his house and I can see where the girlfriend has thrown a brick or something through one of his windows and broken it out. I let myself in and start exploring his house which is quite huge and has many antique type stuff and I see myself running a hand over several of the items in the hall as I go through the rooms. I head toward the master bedroom almost like I know the house and yet know that I don't. When I hear the man returning, I take off down the hallway running toward the bedroom and race to this huge walk-in closet (keep in mind that I am a dirty scraggly homeless person) and I hide in the back of this huge walk-in. Well, the man has two cats who keep coming up and rubbing against me. I keep shooing them away afraid that he might catch me when this dog comes in - spaniel'ish and keeps licking me then running back to its master then back to lick me again. Of course the man follows it and pulls back his clothes and finds me sitting there. I keep willing myself to be invisible because if he cant see me then I cant be in any trouble but he does see me and before he has a chance to say anything, there is pounding at his front door and its the police responding to a disturbance in the area. Again, with the eyes meeting and stuff he tells me to stay put while he gets rid of the police. I am shaking really bad but when he says this, I know that he is not going to turn me in so I relax.

While he is gone, I am so exhausted from being on the street, I fall asleep in his closet. When he comes back, he finds me there asleep and thinking that he will put me in the bed but not wanting me in his bed with all the street filth on me, he decides that he will put me in the shower first. So he gently picks me up and takes me to this huge walk in glass shower where he takes off my sweater (big bulky) and I have a tank top under it with a scraggly old twisted skirt. He turns the shower on and as he is trying to get the rest of my clothes off, I become half awake and I try to get his shirt off...which for some reason I do...probably because it was getting wet. I am not quite awake and he tries to guide me back to the shower noticing how thin I am. I am more awake by now and while he is supporting me with his arm around me, I kind of start kissing him (can you imagine kissing a homeless person who probably has bathed let alone washed their teeth for two months) anyway I try to unbuckle his pants and he sets me away and turns me to the shower where he can lather up my back and wash me down. He notices the scars on my back from long ago and thinks perhaps they came from hard living on the street - he feels sorry for me - I think.

so when he turns me around to finish washing me off and shampooing my hair, I try to reach for his pants again, and he thinks I am coming onto him because he is helping me and it repulses him although by this time most of the grime is off of me and he can tell that I am quite striking. He is mostly repulsed because he thinks that I want to have sex with him to re-pay him for helping me. I mutter something about his pants getting wet and at some point it makes sense and he does take his pants off and is wearing boxer shorts. He picks me up, because I am quite exhausted and somewhat delirious and he carries me out of the shower to the bed where he towels me down and puts me in it...I try to pull him in but he resists.

Here it gets kind of muddled, I sleep at some point but when I awaken he is still in his wet boxers so it doesn't seem like I could have been asleep for very long.

He is sitting nearby and reading the paper, he grunts and I ask what, and he starts reading me an excerpt from the newspaper about a socialite (he gives her name) who has written a book and is getting all kinds for press because of the controversial nature of the book. Apparently, there was alot of dysfunction in her family that was kept secret over the years and it had to do with the grandfather and his new wife who made the grandfathers son from a previous marriage have sex with his new wife so that the grandfather could produce heirs. Well, the first three children born were girls the socialite was girl number two. She tells about the physical abuse from the new wife (her mother) because they were born girls, the sexual abuse from their father (step-brother) because he figured if he could sleep with technically his mother then why not his daughters, and the emotional abuse from all of them because it was a deep dark family secret and because they were very high in society they had to keep up appearances. And, because a son was born the fourth time through, although for some reason the son turned out to be very weak of character, and he was dotted on by the grandfather and the wife...his mind never matured, he lived in a fantasy world where no bad things ever happened and was totally protected from what was happening to his sisters. The sisters really kind of liked him, knowing that he was too simple to ever do any real harm and that he could only believe what he was told by his parents because that was the way he was taught.

So as the handsome man is outlining this book he says he wonders how much of it is really true because he had met the woman before and she seemed kind of selfish and self centered. I explain to him that if everything that ever mattered to him or that he had ever grown to care about was brutally taken away, that he might grow up feeling a bit selfish too. So he asks me if I think any of it is true and I tell him that I would bet money that every word of it is true.

Then the dream doesn't exactly go on but it fills me in on the rest of the story which goes like this. I am the first born sister, and I have grown up and become an architect - designer (which is why I was picking things up in his house and admiring them). But, two years ago the youngest sister disappeared having been the one who took the abuse the hardest of the three of us. The second sister was a real ball-breaker and she let everybody know it. The third sister was a soft gentle soul and at some point she snapped and could not deal anymore so she disappeared. I as the oldest had adapted the best and seemed to have the least wounds - the last I had heard of my third sister was that she had been seen with the homeless people on the street so I decided to go there and try to find her. At first, even though the homeless people were nice, they rarely shared information about other homeless protecting each other in a sort of clan type atmosphere. I also gathered that besides being rather close niche'd, the homeless had an immense sense of pride and self-perseverance. The condescending attitudes that people would give them as they were 'generously' donating money to the cause rolled off these peoples backs. They lived with an understanding, a knowing, that the money always flows and they are always taken care of.

I reality (within the dream), I had a big home with a maid, and the first time I went out as a homeless person -when I came home the maid would not let me in the back door because she didn't recognize me. After that, I explained what I was doing, trying to find my sister and I made it policy that whenever a homeless person came to my back door she was to give them food and send them on their way. From then on, when I came home she would burn my clothes I would shower eat and collapse for days at a time. While living in the streets I saw the way people treated the homeless and how sometimes they would go hungry and it made me physically ill. I would give other people my food instead of eating it myself because I knew in the back of my mind that I could always go home at some point and they could not. By the time I would go home I would be near starved and at the point of exhaustion and just collapse.

The gist is that the third sister does finally surface after having been on the street and then picked up by some Jesus people she reads the article about the second sister and realizes that she was not the only victim here and that it was not just in her mind. She walks in a weird place between reality and dreams because she cant make sense of the world from where she has come from with all the trauma but with the book she sees that some of what she thought must have been a nightmare was real and she is learning to adapt and deal with it.

The dream comes to a climax when you find that the grandfather has died and the grandson is being left with the inheritance and the handsome man who happens to be a compassionate lawyer takes the sisters case to fight for their right to a portion of the inheritance. Their parents are still alive and benefactors of the estate so they are fighting tooth and nail to keep all of the money claiming that the grandfather disinherited the sisters based on the 'lies' printed in the book. As the court case proceeds you hear more about the abuses and it becomes apparent that the book was based on truth.
Pretty detailed, eh?

Insights and Interpretations:

The girls in the dream were my real sisters in life.  In a way, this is very far out warped version of small parts of our real life. For the most part, and I step out of traditional dreamwork when I say this, but this dream feels real.  As if I accidentally picked up on somebody else's real life. There was enough detail here that I think it is a little more than probable.   Taken literally, then I think it says that I have some hidden talents that I have pushed aside in order to pursue other avenues.  It also says alot about my spiritual beliefs and how I have a tendency to nourish other at my own expense.  One friend pointed out that I knew where my spiritual home was and that I knew I could always return for nourishment.  This story in itself can stand alone and be expanded into a novel or screenplay and I may pursue that at some point in the future.  I would be curious to learn about anyone that actually fits into the detail of this particular dream though as I do feel strongly that I was picking up somebody's real life.

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Superhuman Demise

August 6, 2K

The Dream:

I was with this group of people only we weren't really human, we were like superhuman. There was this godlike thing that was really evil. I think it was the devil or something very similar because everything had a very mythological look to it. It was very large like 3 or 4 stories tall and it was very muscular with a mask over its face and horns on its head. I have seen something like it before but I can't place it.

The evil thing said, "Let the water which surrounds you become fire beneath your feet." All of a sudden, the area we were in became an ocean and we were surrounded by water. We know instantly what the evil thing meant and we started running for the shoreline. There was evil and good alike running for the safety of the land.

Then the water started to burn and the super humans like myself (I was the heroine) elevated from the water and began to fly. There was a male (which I didn't recognize) who was apparently the hero. We were a couple. He came to me, while we were flying and gathered me in his arms to save my strength. He knew that I was pregnant. He held me very close and I felt safe and comforted. It was almost erotic.

The strange thing about being pregnant is that I was not carrying the child inside my body. I was carrying the unborn child in my arms. Mid-flight, my body began to resound to the closeness of this hero. The feelings became very erotic. They were so overwhelming, that I insisted we land somewhere immediately so I could basically take care of my own desires. He kept saying that we needed to be as far away from the evil as possible before we stopped. I was persistent and of course won. We landed.

The child in my arms opened its eyes at this point and it had really vivid blue eyes. The child was precious. We landed at some farmhouse and we were searching for a safe place where we would not be discovered. I sat the baby down and it became a cat. The cat then had a kitten. The kitten became in my mind what I had been carrying while I was flying.

The dream basically became really weird and normal everyday sort of stuff after that. This hero became like a typical male and fiddle farted around until I had no desire left in me what so ever. I woke up somewhere shortly after that.

Insights and Interpretations:


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Tom Hanks Party

August 13, 2K

The Dream:

There was a big party at a college campus and this Tom Hanks looking character was in charge of the Videos and when one ran out, he would change the movie for a new one. Well, the party was in full swing when the cops showed up. Tom knew that the pot smoking was going on in the bathroom so he directed the cops everywhere except the bathroom

Switch to the bathroom and there is a Whoopi Goldberg character fishing through the ashtray and she pulls out a roach and fires it up in glee. The smokes the roach and we flip flop between her and poor Tom fending off the police.

The police tell Tom everything looks cool and just as soon as they get to check the last room, you got it - the bathroom, then they will be on their merry way.

Cut back to Whoopi, flushing the remaining roach and left over cigarette butts down the toilet. She opens the door with a big dumb dope grin on her face, kind of wobbles around a little bit and staggers out of the bathroom.

Tom sees the door open and quickly distracts the cops for a minute. Then he runs into the bathroom, takes a quick look around, stands in the middle of the room and FARTS real loud, five or six times to disguise the odor. He is flapping his arms up and down to dissipate the fart smell and mingle it with the pot smell. (now, a slight editorial here....I have a habit of laughing sometimes in my dreams and waking myself up. ..this happens to be one of those moments. What generally happens is that I realized I am about to bust out and my consciousness will take over and tone down my natural reflex of laughter so I can at least see the dream to completion. I barely managed to do so at this point in the dream).

Continue...the cops come into the bathroom, Tom Hanks leaves as if he was just checking it out and scoots on out of the way. The cops look around (straight-faced, I might add) and then the come out and tell Tom that everything looks good and to have a good evening.

Insights and Interpretations:

Now, damn it!  Sometimes the dreams are just for humor release, I think.  This is another dream where I nearly woke myself up when the Tom Hanks character farts in the bathroom.  There is this element of doing something we aren't supposed to be doing and having the possibility of getting into trouble. So maybe this represents a bit of insecurity with what I am trying to accomplish in my life.  I was at a college campus which represents education, but since life is pretty much the classroom...I don't think this is a far stretch.  The particular characters mean nothing to me.  While I like both Whoopi and Tom, they have no significance as my favorite actors or anything of that nature.  The movies could be a metaphor for the general drama we see in our lives and how they represent little more than a movie in our life, and as the main characters are also real life actors - it would support this overview / assumption on my part.

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August 21, 2K

The Dream:

I have been shopping in a big center mall and when I return to my car, it has been vandalized.   My purchases that were under the seat and a few dollars have been stolen and mostly they have beaten the crap out of my car.  The tires have been removed and the axis is just sitting on the ground in this parking garage.  I am thinking to myself that this is a bit overboard and wondering what the heck I am going to do.  When a piece of my mind picks up that this is a gain disguised as a loss.  So I start looking at it differently and I realize the insurance will by the car off and then the extra cash I might be able to get an old clunker and still have some cash left over.  I start thing about padding the insurance claim so I can get a few extra bucks.

I see just an image of a holy grail type cup and it is suspended in air and stuff is flowing out over the edges.  It is golden and the water or whatever is flowing over and out, and over and out.

My family owned a piece of my house and my pillows and bed were outside in the rain and I was upset because they just left my stuff outside to get rained on.  Nobody was taking care of my stuff.  Even though everyone owned a piece of it, technically everybody knew it was my stuff.  I had to confront  my stepfather about his thievery and how I went into debt and had certain expectations, just as mom had certain expectations, and he was angry and arguing with me.  I finally said that the least he could do was respect my things.

There is a familiar man, I am in a high rise hotel.  I can never be sure who this man is but you know the one who shows up that you can't be exactly sure who he is but he is familiar.   I am in the lobby with a black dress on and I realize that this man has a room in the hotel and if I call him, he will invite me up.  In my mind, I play this scenario and Wow!  I really like this guy.  he opens the door and pulls me inside, cups my chin and starts kissing me.  Flash, I am in the lobby with my finger on the button of the elevator and I decide that being with this guy would be really nice, but I am going to go to my room alone.  (Too bad, what was I thinking)

I am trying to get around on this computer and this computer guru person I know is showing me stuff and we can't figure out how to do something specific.  The guru tells me she doesn't know how but I know this guru and if she doesn't know how to do it, it can't be done.  I think she knows but is not telling me.  I get frustrated and just stop trying with the computer.

Insights and Interpretations:

The first part is pretty obvious.  It is warning me to expect a gain disguised as a loss.   (that has already happened with my job going to part-time).  And, it is telling me that I will come out better in the long run.  The image of my cup runneth over is stating that I have to toss out some of the old in order to make room for the new.

The family situation is probably really relating to the incident that happened around my mothers death.  (I took several months off to care for her and her inheritance was left to my stepfather with the understanding that he distribute it as she wished...well, that never happened) I think it is telling me I need to revisit that particular incident and try to find a way of adjusting the negative emotions I have about my stepfather because of it.   Not an easy task to do even for the most well adjusted. 

The last piece is telling me to beware of miscommunications.  Even,  to beware of people who know the answers but are not willing to share them with me. This dream took place just a week before my big blow up at the office.

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Sisters Work

August 23, 2K

The Dream:

There is a short piece where my sister is telling me that her boss is leaving and she is going to have to go with him and that means her job opening is going to be postponed for a couple of months.   Her old boss is there and tells me also that the job is probably postponed.

The night before, my sister and I are working on the computer and her boss and her bosses boss is in the office with us.  Finally, I said "Wait a minute, what day is this?"   And they say Saturday.  I say but I don't work week-ends.  They all look at me like, well this job requires that you put in as many hours as it takes.  And I tell them I know but I don't even work here yet.  They are all like, well, yeah that is true.  And I suddenly go, well, that's ok, because I want to learn this stuff anyway.  So, I go back to work.

Insights and Interpretations:

I was interviewing with a job in Atlanta at my sisters company.  This is one of the more prolific dreams I have had.  It was telling me that the job was being postponed for now.  And, it turned out that they did give the position to somebody else.  I will see if it comes through later though as the dream indicates.

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Crystal Rock

August 24, 2K

The Dream:

Kiernan (2 years old) gave me a rock. It was kind of pinkish and heart-shaped but like a geode without the rough ugly side. I took it from her and it fit right into my hands. I set it down on the floorboard in the front seat of the car I was in and it suddenly cracked in two. I picked up both halves and all this sand fell out of it. It was beautiful and now it looked more like quartz crystal and on each side of the rock I could see the outline or contours of a brain. The details were phenomenal.

Insights and Interpretations:

I have been working with EMF Balancing technique and one of their goals is to help you think with your heart and feel with your head. I think this dream represents a specific metaphor for exactly this type of process.  In addition, a friend of mine pointed out that sand represents time as though I am pacing time for some sort of shift to take place.

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Spinning Car

August 28, 2K

The Dream:

My boss (lady) is telling me what a horrible mean person I am. And very matter-of-factly, I ask her to give me examples and she starts telling me how when we went to lunch which I suggested for a girl who was leaving us, that the gesture was nice but then I continually made remarks afterward that negated the entire gesture. For instance at dinner, while I had my nice little vegetable dishes I would make comments about how one should never mix sugars and meats with their meal implying that it was socially unfit. And not realizing, I was modifying everyone else's desire for these items by pointing out my personal preferences. I saw this re-enactment and saw the results of my words from her eyes and realized that she was correct, from her perspective...I looked like the absolute worst catty, bitchy, meanest and insensitive person in the world.

I left the restaurant, because as a dream I was instantly transported back to the incident in question, and I got into this white two-door convertible. There was snow everywhere, the roof of the convertible was down and the windows were frosted. I put the roof up and slammed on the gas. I slid out of the garage area where I was parked, sliding around in circles, I could see nothing through the frosted windows. I could picture the posts to the garage, the columns to the outside of the restaurant, other cars in the parking lot. I spun around and around and I finally just closed my eyes, stomping on the brakes to get the car to stop from spinning wondering why I have not hit something yet. And, I am just waiting for the impact, head slung back at the mercy of whatever force is in control here. Wondering to myself if I am going to end up in the lake.

The car finally stopped spinning. I hit nothing. I fling open the door and I am at the frozen lake and I am running to it. My feet go into to the water and I barely feel the cold. Then up to my knees. I fling myself to the bottom of the lake, waiting to die, hoping to die, barely feeling the cold sting as though I am waiting even for the icy coldness to penetrate my body. I am caught from behind, dragged up from the water. I am kicking and screaming and this man has me in is arms and I so much do not want to be rescued. He drags me out of the water and falls on me in the snow and I am fighting him, struggling and screaming to be let go. I have all this rage and this anger, and he is inside of me and now I have this rage and this anger directed at him. I am fighting and screaming, and all I feel is this white hot anger erupting inside my mind. Then it's releasing and I have an orgasm that goes on and on, while I am crying and releasing some more. I am no longer angry, I am inconsolable, desolate, lost. I hate him, I hate him for rescuing me, I hate him for being inside me...I hate him. But I need him and I cling to him. He is kissing my tear-stained cheeks, my neck. And I am hiding my face in his body. He starts to tell me who he is and I tell him that I already know him and that I think the women from the restaurant in the first piece were trying to keep me from him so they could meet him before I did. And then I tell him that I need to get up because my ass is freezing to the ground, although in truth, I have just barely begun to feel the cold from the ground.

There is a dog and a horse hovering near us. I feel almost as if the man has ridden up on the horse (what a metaphor, eh?) and the dog is scared, wounded looking as though it has been mistreated badly but desperately wants to get to me.

Insights and Interpretations:

Water = emotions and I am dealing with some very frozen emotions here.  All the way from the snow on the ground to the ice on the lake.  Some of these emotions have probably been buried for a very long time.  I am dealing with criticisms here that I don't agree with as described in the first paragraph.  The vehicle represents something that is carrying me to another destination in my life.  In this particular case, I think it is my work place again.   I am spinning out of control and headed for a crash.  (This crash does occur on the 30th of August, by the way if you want to know the real facts and it does have to do with work and how I am being perceived in the office).  The horse, while minor here, represents power.  And, the dog represents loyalty.  As you can see the dog is wounded looking as if he is beaten down and nearly broken and afraid to trust those he would have normally befriended.  This is an exact metaphor for the way I was feeling at my office in that I am very close to my bosses but have been feeling as though I were being beaten down, and it has be a great test of my loyalty to stay with them as long as I have.

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Cut Throat

August 29, 2K

The Dream:

There is a group of us, people I grew up with and have known for a long time, and we are camping. There is a center isle in the middle of the campground that has a fire pit with chairs all around it. You camp all around this tree surrounded isle and then meet at the fire pit as a community. I am camped with my brothers and sisters in a small trailer where the adults are going to sleep but the kids are going to sleep, assumably in a tent, which I never saw. I am not a kid, but perhaps young adult...maybe 20'ish.

Evening comes and we are sitting around the fire pit. There is a strange man with us, he is 30'ish. Strange meaning we do not know him. He seems all hip to the world and being among my friends, who are a bunch of cut ups, we are telling jokes and being all stupid...pretty much like real life when I was younger. And this stranger is asking where I am from and I make a smart ass comment and ask him the same type of question which he responds, like an adult, as if I had asked an old woman her age. I.E., it's not polite to ask...or changing the words from can I to may I, as a correction. I don't think I got a real answer.

I don't remember feeling very threatened by this stranger, and he is not somebody I have seen before in a dream. But, at some point a tussle ensues between he and myself. It seems pretty harmless at first but then I realize that he is a serial killer and I am his next victim (he seemed so harmless up to this point). During the tussle, he has cut my throat from side to side and I am wondering why I am not dead yet but it seems like a fairly shallow wound as if he it trying to incapacitate me, not kill me, yet. And he stuffs me half aware in the trunk of his car. I am kicking at the inside of the trunk and at the back of the rear car seat trying to knock them over, and I succeed at this. At this point, I feel that something has gone very wrong with this mans plan and since he can not kill me the way he had intended to, he decides to roll this car down a cliff. It is very steep and jungle like and I am hurtling straight down the side of this mountain, slightly panicked wondering to myself how I am going to survive this kind of an impact. The jungle trees are somewhat slowing my progress because the car keeps hitting them and bouncing through the brush / limbs as it makes this plunge straight down. And, I am still aware that my neck is slashed. If I manage to survive the fall, I will sit at the bottom of this mountain for days until somebody finds me. Chances are I will bleed to death before I am found.

I finally come to the ground barely making impact at all as it seems the last tree seems to be holding the car somewhat suspended in the air, not quite touching the ground but not far enough off the ground to be a real threat. And, the wonders of dreams, I have found myself nearly landing in somebody's back yard. I can see the house and everything. There are people coming to rescue me from the car and thats all I can remember.

Insights and Interpretations:

Again, I say the car is a vehicle to move one through in life and it represents my office environment.  The crash as I explained from the dream before this represented a real crash at my office with a conflict from my bosses.  Now the interesting thing here is that the stranger is seen as non-threatening.  My bosses seem non-threatening.  At work during the (ass chewing, for lack of a better description) my boss actually waves off one of my rebuttals and never even hears what it is I am trying to say in my own defense.  It is very much like having my throat cut.  Another interesting thing here is that what saves me is the trees and traditionally, trees represent the life force.

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August 30, 2K

The Dream:

This dream was set up like a profiler episode (Profiler was a show on TV that had a woman who ran around surveying crime scenes and building a profile of the most likely candidate for committing the crime).  The main character was a woman (like in the show) and her daughter had been kidnapped.

The kidnapper makes contact with the profiler every day by telephone.  She gets entered into the hospital for some reason (operation or something) and she is laying in a hospital room trying to work the telephone but she can't seem to get a line free.  The telephone has been forwarded or something and every time the phone rings, she freaks out because she can't get the call and she is afraid if the profiler can not make contact that he will hurt her daughter.    She is devastated when she doesn't hear from him because she thinks her daughter must be dead.

We are at her house and the kidnapper is outside.  Since he couldn't get her on the phone, he decided to come to her house and maybe kill her?  She confronts him on the front lawn, its dark.   A tussle ensues and she is holding him at gun point.  I come up and she tells me to hold him in place until she can call for back up.  She disappears inside the house to make the call and I am standing over him with a bat.  He tries to escape but I beat him in the knees and then a solid belt to the head.  Somehow he gets away but the daughter is in his car and we find her and all is ok.

The next scene is in a cleared out high rise that looks almost like a warehouse.  The FBI (profiler team) has shown up and there is a guy there dressed in full gas mask with his face covered and holding an oozy pointed at the FBI team.  They think it is the kidnapper but the profiler stops them from shooting and she starts rationalizing the kidnapper and saying how he wouldn't just lead them to him and that something must be wrong.  There is all this smoke in the room concealing the person holding the oozy on us and the profiler tells everybody to stand down and she walks toward the guy and he is booby trapped with a bomb.   The kidnapper had captured one of their team members and dressed his so they would not recognize him and hence think he was the kidnapper and then booby trapped him with a bomb so they would shoot him and the bomb would explode and kill everybody.  This would gain him his revenge.

There is an old house like a mansion and it is a very rich family that lives there.  I get the sense that there has been many centuries of history in this house.  A couple have just been married but we are flashed forward through the years.  This actually wraps around the profiler story.  They are married before their daughter is kidnapped.  During the kidnapping, the husband can not help his wife find his daughter and it becomes a metaphor for the love they shared.  At the beginning it is all bliss and new marriage and the love they feel so strongly but as the kidnapping unfolds, the husband becomes aware of the inability he has to save this love and his marriage.  There is a scene in the old house where I am confronting the profiler (she is in old style dress, high neck collar and all) and I have jewels hidden in my mouth.  Earrings and necklace that are very important to the family.  For some reason, I have them in my mouth to protect them from discovery and as I pull them out one by one, her eyes light up as if she can not believe I had the foresight to hid them.  She is extremely grateful.

Small piece here where I am meeting a friend of mine and her husband and we are in their living room with a pizza and the woman is reheating the pizza to take with them when they go.  We are waiting for another friend to show up.  For some reason, I can't remember who the friend is (even though in real life we are pretty close).

I am part of a vampire group that is living in this office space.  It is really cool and at one point I am tripping / dancing down the stairs and it is a mix between flying and dancing.   I dance across this big cafeteria and escape pushing 2 women down the stairs.   In the apartment I am putting on a fur coat.

My sister and I are on a small train like what used to be at the zoo.  We hit a bump and one of my sisters rings falls off her finger.  We get off and walk back and its a gold engagement ring with either a ruby or emerald.  The train driver has 3 male look- a-likes that sit with him and seems they are triplets but old and for a moment even dead.   It is very funny because they synchronize movements and they are grumbling the whole time.  We don't find the ring but there is a group of people who are looking with us from (Cambridge - I think they said) and they are going to continue looking and call us if they find it.

Insights and Interpretations:

The profiler episode is one of mystery and intrigue, not to mention lost loves.  Something lost or removed, but found again later, or perhaps unable to be recovered.  Not deadly though.  The friends episode seems to me as if it is saying that I have multiple support and that I am waiting for something else to arrive, correct timing perhaps.   The vampire group, I felt I was a part of and yet not a part of, it could be an indicator of the way I feel about a particular group and making me aware of its vampirical nature.  The train is moving me forward, carrying me, and my sister looses her ring.   This is significant because I might have missed an important engagement and it might have involved love or money (ruby or emerald).  Other people are trying to help me make this connection and possibly it will be made at some time in the future.   Flipping back to the first section, it is not deadly that it missed but a close call and I should be more receptive or aware the next time the opportunity arises.

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Dream Reality

September 1, 2K

The Dream:

This is long...buckle up. Phenomenal insight and projection. (Possibilities?)

I am at this party and I am totally decked out in this sexy black dress and my body looks great, always better in dreams of course. I am outside on this patio area and on the fringe of the party. Oh yeah, and it is a big deal to note that I do not attend gatherings like this so the party is a big deal to me because it is filled with big-wig, glamour types (of which I am not). And, that I make note in the dream that I am out of place. To continue, this man comes up behind me and puts his hand over my mouth and he has his other arm wrapped around me and a gun pressed against my chest, butte against my right breast and barrel against my left nipple (quite erotic). All I can feel is this mans body pressed up against my backside. I think I should be scared or something but I am not. His lips are pressed against my temple and he is telling me to not scream and to move slowly.

He backs me away from the patio. At some point I can tell I am tense and I push up against him and I can feel him getting hard against me. I may have even had an orgasm, so easy to do in a dream state, and he is cussing and saying something about brushing against him like it is my fault his penis is hard. (I am amused in the way hysterical laughter bubbles up and then ruins the effect of the whole sequence because it catapults you out of the dream and you can't take the rest of it seriously.) I control this urge because I am totally into the erotica of the situation and I have to point this out here. Dreams are safe. There is a tendency to allow the unknown, powerlessness of a situation to take over and to become totally enrapt by the eroticism that one would not normally find erotic. I.e. This guy pressed against my back, there is a sense of being totally at his command, there's a part of me that realizes this is a dream and I take on this faint, breathless quality to where I almost pass out. I can feel this sexual energy flowing out of me and into this guy and vice-versa.

The next piece I remember is being pushed into the back of a limousine, seats on both sides, and I am sprawled across one of the seats. He is laying across me and taps on the glass to signal the chauffeur to drive. After a moment the man crawls off me and sits on the opposite seat, adjusting himself slightly because he is still erect, and I straighten myself to sit up across from him.

At this point, I can't really take too much of the dream seriously. I really want to laugh out loud and I find I am smiling. I tell this guy that while this is probably the most erotic and exciting time I have had in my entire life, that I think there has got to be some mistake. He says smiling, that there is no mistake, that it would be impossible. I explain to him that my life is actually rather boring and that he has obviously mistaken me for somebody else and gotten the wrong girl. I feel totally unthreatened and he is smiling at me. We are exchanging this smile, sharing some kind of Kodak moment when he starts to tell me my name, my parents married and maiden names, my birthday, Capricorn, dragon, my married name, where my jobs were - all the way back to the paper route I had as a kid. Who my lovers were, their names.

I start to get a little freaked out, like maybe this isn't a dream. He knows my longest relationship (Andy of seven years - which hasn't happened yet by the way). So much detail that I start to hyperventilate or something and tell him I am feeling nauseous. He tells me to put my head between my knees and breath. Which I do. And then I ask him how he knows so much detail about my life and he says most of it is public record, like birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates and I point out that I am not dead yet. He says no but my mom died in Arizona in 1994 and this really give me the creeps. He tilts my chin up and says he is only two years older than me but I look much younger. I go into this sort of shocked state. He asks me if I am ok, logically I am thinking that he would not ask this if he intended to harm me. He says he is trying to protect me.

The next scene is that we're in some kind of big house. He has already given me the tour. I am sitting on this bed looking into a mirror. I am reflecting on the tour I have just had and what sticks out the most is that they have moved my computer from my house to this house. And, I am sitting on this bed thinking that this has got to be a dream and that if I walk out the door there will be a long hallway with multiple doors, and slide chutes just like in my normal dreams. I can leave here and run down these hall ways and hide, or escape. And I think that I can make myself leave the scariness of the situation and probably end up on some beach somewhere, so I do.

The next scene, I am sitting on the beach. The waves are rolling in over my toes, I can feel the sand against my legs and I am now wearing this long T-shirt that covers just past my hips. I smell the salt air and feel the breeze lifting my hair. And I am reaffirming that this really is just a dream. And suddenly wishing I hadn't left the erotic moments behind me and wondering if I can incorporate parts of that dream and manifest that guy here. Which, of course, I do. He sits behind me on the beach and I kind of meld into him, becoming one but separate. I am much more relaxed now that I am certain that this is a dream after all, and secure in the knowledge that I have the ability to manipulate circumstances within the confines of this dream world. He asks me if I am ok and I tell him that this is just a dream.

He says that it is not just a dream. I get a disturbing sensation but I push it down and he presses his lips against my temple. I close my eyes. I don't understand and I think I say so or maybe I just think it but I get images of me working in an office like a dream flash as though I am seeing my real life only it looks like my dreams from my real life perspective. I.e. As though my dream, this that I am experiencing is real, and the real life I was living was really the dream. They have somehow been exchanged.

I feel like there is more information but I don't quite get it and the guys seems like he is CIA or FBI or something.

He is whispering against my temple and talking about my hair which is short and red and pointing out that it used to be long and brown and how it has taken on the qualities of my dreams of long ago. And my body, it is firmer like it always is in my dreams. He is making the comparison between my past and my dreams and how I look more like my past dreams now than ever and I realize that he is right. And, even though he isn't speaking I hear thoughts and see images of my life and how it has morphed into a dream like I always imagined it could be. Its like I am taking real pieces of my life and seeing how it could have been manifested out of a dream that I had and it feels very real. And, I am realizing how real the sand feels and I am mostly just confused at this point. As if I am in some kind of matrix experience and I remember in "Fight Club" where he says they call this the crossover and I am pondering that concept.

Awake, I pick up other images and connections that I can't really explain within the context of the dream but the gist is that my dream work online has been somehow noticed by some government agency and that somebody wants to kill me. And, somebody wants to protect me, because I am making some amazing discoveries about dreams and how they influence our reality. The last scene ends with me sitting at my computer- this dream has taken all of the qualities of adventure, excitement, eroticism and eye-spy qualities that I deeply long for and the "dream" that I am typing into the computer has become some boring crap about a girl living this mundane life, all caught up in this office environment and looks amazingly like my real life as if I have somehow swapped places.

Insights and Interpretations:

Well, I don't have much to add to this.   What I think the dream is saying is that we have a very real possibility of creating our reality and can use our dreams to manifest what we see in our life.  I am not into conspiracy theory much at all but I can see why the dream would use this concept as it adds to the sense of adventure.  And, the fact that some people would not whole heartedly support me on this dream quest (and hence want to "kill" me) is really just a metaphor for others trying to squelch our dreams in real life.  From the information in the dream, I can tell that this is a foretelling of things to come and wonder how much of this will  transpire in the next couple of years.  For instance, my relationship with Andy has been 6 years but the man says that Andy was my longest relationship of 7 years.  It will be interesting to see how this event actually turns out in the future.

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The Farm

September 4, 2K

The Dream:

I am approaching the farm where I work and as I stand at the gate I understand that today is a new day and that the rules have changed and that if I walk through this gate, I must abide by the new rules.  As I enter the gate, there is a horse off to my right side.  I wonder if I should go feed it but then it wanders over to the feed bins and begins to feed itself.

So I go about my business and I am feeding the goats and I see that they are eating shit, literally eating shit.  And I begin to scoop up more shit mixed with hay for them to eat.  Then I go off to  do something else and I have all this blood on my hands so I decide to wash them and when I go to the sink to wash them, there are two dead chickens (gutted and plucked) in the sink.  Now, the chickens are not part of the routine and I am standing here with blood on my hands wondering how to deal with this aberration on the routine.  Normally, I would have cleaned the chickens and washed my hands and gone about my day.  But, since the rules have changed and the chickens are not part of the normal routine...I am at a loss.  There is a young boy standing here that is the farmers son and I turn to him to ask his advice.  I explain that normally I would clean the chickens, what does he think, and he says he thinks he would clean the chickens too.

So I clean the chickens and wash my hands and then the farmer comes in.  Nothing is said but I can see that he looks at the chickens and that cleaning them was ok even though I did not ask for permission to do so.  In a very big  way, I feel like the chicken was a test, maybe even a trick to see if I could  stay with this new routine. 

Insights and Interpretations:

There is simply no way I can win here.  The horse represents power again and I wonder if I need to feed it but then it feeds itself.  Truth!  So I go feed the goats (I am a Capricorn by the way) and I am feeding them shit.  So, what this says to me is that I disagree pretty   strongly with something I am being force-fed.  As I have been having the issues at work and one of the areas was that I needed to be more subservient, I think this is a prominent factor here.  I think the farmer represents my boss and the chicken, is, well the entire scenario kind of smells of  trickery afoot if you ask me.   This is really a strong metaphor for the situation at work because specifically, I was asked to give them exactly what they asked for, no more / no less.  I most situations, this is not possible plus if I were to have a suggestion and not make it then I would be called out later for not making an obvious suggestion...which is what the chicken states...clean the chicken or just leave it sit there for somebody else as I was not asked specifically to handle it. 

If intuitively I picked the right action, I was not disciplined but had the probability of being disciplined for not following the routine...and if I did not follow my intuition and ignored the new work of the chicken, then I would be in trouble for not using my common sense, for not stepping up and accepting new responsibilities. It was very frustrating.

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Wind Walker

September 13, 2K

I must preface this dream with some personal detail.  I had just had a psychic reading by a clairvoyant from New Zealand and she encouraged me (very strongly) to get my dreams together and get the published (soon).  It  seems a bit more ambitious that what I would normally undertake.  At any rate, I am being encouraged to follow this dream stuff and get more of it out to the public, sooner than later.  This night was a full moon and because of this, I had started a small white candle burning and asked spirit to take blocks out of my life (full moon begins to diminish - wane -  and therefore you ask it to take things out as it starts to fade and begin its journey to the new moon.  On a new moon you want to ask for things that you wish to grow in your life.)

The Dream:

The beginning parts of the dream I could not remember but the feel was that I had just passed some kind of rite of passage and that I had been "liberated".

I am standing on the roof of this stone structure and it feels like it is a long, long time ago.  The structure seems to blend into the area as if adobe style made from bricks of the local mud.  I am standing at the edge of this structure when I notice that the "common" people (natives?) are bucking over, bending to shield themselves and some are even being blown away and I realize that this incredible wind storm has kicked up and that I am in the middle of it but it doesn't even touch me, moving at least three feet area all around me.  I  realize also as I look across this structure that a couple of other people are like me, untouched by the windstorm, and I start to make my way toward these other people.  I am a male about 30 or so.  I feel very strong and young but in this time I am probably an elder of some sort (like a shaman). 

The next scene I am sitting with a fairy type (tinkerbell'ish) entity and she is telling me her  name is Petretia, I don't hear the words but see them printed before me.  It looks like it should be pronounced Patricia (Which was my mothers name).  And she is explaining how she is here to help me and that she is alive currently (probably as a male in human form).

Insights and Interpretations:

Wind represents communications.  I felt that this dream was telling me that I am rather unique in that I am able to walk through the storm of dreams and bring them forth to the light, unlike most people who can not remember their dreams or claim to not dream at all.   The wind held a fear quality to it in the dream as if people are actually afraid of their own dreams and possibly that is why they choose to block out their own insights.

The candle I had burnt when I went to bed was still burning when I woke up near midnight and I was laying there thinking that I needed to remember this for the next day so I could  write it down.  I started to doze back off when the candle flickered and faded out then  exploded into one last bright flame and died altogether.  I found this strange and decided to get up and write the dream right then.  When I looked at the clock it was exactly 12:00. 

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Vietnam Remembrance

September 18, 2K

The Dream:

I was in a small tin boat and I was traveling with many others on this small river.

I end up in a small village and I am a soldier in Vietnam.  Some government people are directing my friends and I to this church and when we go in, everybody is smoking  pot.  I eat some of it (probably smoked it too).  Everybody smokes and about 3/4 of the people get up and leave.  But, I find I am making myself a tuna sandwich and it is with great care and detail that I am piling this sandwich together.   Then these other soldiers come in and they are going to kill the few people left in the church to set an example.  (impression is that they can give and they have the power to take away) So, here I am in the middle of making this sandwich and they have the rest of the people laying on the floor near the front of the church and I go over to the soldier near the back door and ask what is going on, even though it seems pretty clear to me.  He becomes very agitated and says I should be on the floor with the rest of the soldiers they are getting ready to terminate but after a few minutes he finally tells me to get the hell out of the church.  So I leave.  I don't recall hearing gunshots after I leave but I get the sense that they will or did kill the soldiers who were left in the church. 

Insights and Interpretations:

 Water generally represents emotions and I am crossing over a river in a boat so this would represent that the dream is dealing with some emotional issues.  I am a soldier which puts me in a group setting and since it is a village, I am going to guess that this is a work place.  Now, I know what is happening in my place of work and there does seem to be some power issues occurring, very much like a "we have the power to grant and to take away" type of situation.   The interesting thing here is that I am making a sandwich.  I am receiving some sort of nourishment within this situation.  In a sense, I am receiving a spiritual feeding.  The pot serves as a distraction, things being offered to appease the masses and then brutally taken away.  I am near to being killed with the rest of the soldiers but for some  reason, I am allowed to leave.  Hmmm, well I have my own thoughts on what that might mean but I won't elaborate here.  As I have just asked to take a leave of absence in order to put together this dream book project, I think it is very possible that part of my psychi feels as if it is escaping a death of some sort.

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