February Dreams 2003

Here are the compiled Dreams Of February In the year 2K3
Below you will find the dreams from this month. For easier access I have decided to list them all on one page. Depending on how many dreams I had for the month this page might get kind of long. But the names of each dream should click you down to the dream.


The Dreams

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 * Gross Follow Up
 * Dungeons & Dragons

I wrote alot of poetry in this month which has been posted to my Ramblings section. CLICK HERE to go to ramblings.

The dreams to the left are In alpha order. They may or may not represent the total of remembered dreams from this month. The time it takes to scour notebooks will tell.

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By all means if you have any commentary on any of these dreams, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail about them. Be sure to get the dream month and name of the dream in the e-mail so I can reference your comments.

Grossest Dream on Earth 


The Dream & Interpretation
OK, guys! This is disgusting...and I think I might need some serious help with it...would appreciate the insight...on metaphor and location...I am sure this isn't an actual physical manifestation in my body but probably has more to do with a residual thought process from some other time....help! I try to interpret this one as I write it as it was so strange.


This is so gross if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you skip it. I was dreaming that I was having this conversation with myself - or whatever, and I could see like my forehead and there was a small gap, about an inch wide, to the top right side of my head where I could actually see into my skull. I was complaining about, what was I supposed to do with my life and why can't I just give up or something...something always wrong about my life or something. Anyway, I was looking at this gap in my forehead and I was thinking, that doesn't look right because in the gap it looked like charcoaled or black scabs on the brain. And, as I started to pull back the flap, I thought, oh lord - Do I really want to see this? 

But, stupid me, I pull back the flap anyway. Oh, this is so gross...I want to vomit. I pull back the entire top of my skull and the whole top of it is black, pus filled and festering, with even green goo in parts of it from like gangrene or something. I swear I even flapped back the skin so I didn't have to look at it because I thought I was going to vomit. Even now trying to type this it is grossing me out. 

I pull back then entire top of the skull. The damage doesn't go down into the forehead and to the sides, above the ears, the flesh returns to normal...but the top to the back on both sides of the lobes are full of this disgusting looking layer. There isn't even bone here, as I think there should be. I have to start poking around to see how deep the layers go, and I am asking what in the world I can do for some kind of healing because this does not look like something I can do with energy work. As I poke areas, the worst part appears to be the left side of the brain...where there is much more pus area and as I poke, that thick green goo comes out of it and I know that I have to get this poison out of my head before it has any chance of healing at all. I am asking how long my head has been like this because I think it is a recent development but they are showing me that it has been this way for a really long time...like 12 years or more. 

The right side of the head does look charred, this almost looks like an acidic burn of some time, thickened layers of charcoal in the brain. Back to the left side, I find I am having to squeeze the pus out, and places are impacted like zits - God, this is totally grossing me out - they explode and squirt columns of this gross white shit up and out...and the only thing I know to do is to keep pushing it out. It really is like it is being treated like poison and that the poison has to be pushed up and out so the good cellular structure underneath has a chance to heal itself. 

I don't know what to do for the right side at all. There isn't the fluid content and I am loath to scrap it clean...I pick a piece of it like a scab and this bloody, watery ooze comes out...kind of like what a scab should do - I guess. The damage lays on the top of my head like a thick v almost...both hemispheres and solidly on the frontal lob but not much damage to the back middle of the brain at all. 

That is all I get, except the feeling that I need to keep working at removing this old wound. This almost feels like it is a wound from another lifetime...like it is really old, and my head belongs to something that was infected in someone with maybe a poison from a different age or time period.

What the hell kind of dream is this? It is disgusting is what it is. I have never had a dream cause my stomach to turn in a way that nearly causes a physical reaction in my body. Gross!

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 Grossest Follow Up 


The Dream & Interpretation
I try to interpret this one as I write it as well. It is a continuation of the grossest dream I ever dreamed.  --Brig

K, so as I was sponging off the right side of the brain...I think I have the lobes reversed... the left side is the gross puss coated side. I see the tail of a worm - turns out to be a snake on the left side, and I try to pull it out but it won't come. I keep pulling and pulling and it is long, and thick and it is a snake and I throw it in the toilet and flush it. Then I realize that I need to speak to it so I go retrieve it and put it in a glass fish tank. I sprinkle white powder on my head, then gold and silver...and sparkly stuff and let it sit...previously I had been soaking it in a tub and rinsing out the goo.

The discussion with the snake is something to the effect of truth and lies being the same. It is perceived truth that causes the infection. Our judgments and which side of the heart we place our perception on...which doesn't entirely make alot of sense to me but I will keep working with it. The gist is that the head looks nearly clear on the right side (logic and reason) and the creative side, the left, is clearer than it was...but I had to remove alot of flesh layer to get all of the gross stuff out of it. It looks much healthier but i think the damage has been there long enough and deep enough that it will take much more processing on my part to finish getting it clear. And, I am not done with the snake yet.

The information I get from the snake is all tangled in biblical reference...and I get a dichotomy of views, and perceptions that I am having to layer out through time and dimension to sort through the real meaning behind the words. The truth and perceived truths, and the truth and lies are the same, has kind of got me in a philosophical quandary because of course - it sounds logical in philosophical content but needs to make a practical statement in order to be useful in this reality and thus far, I have not been able to pull that statement out in a way that would be transferable wisdom.

Snakes in general represent truth, healing and wisdom. From biblical reference - it can sometimes mean misleading facts or partial facts... i.e. the serpent and the tree of knowledge. Interestingly, I was told once by a dream worker that trees would become significant to me in the future and i have had some dreams where this appears to be true. In the tree of knowledge reference, what I get is that when we were giving knowledge of physical reality - physical truth - we essentially forgot our spiritual truth. That sounds deep, but it isn't so far fetched. 

I try to rationalize what this might have meant to people whose cognizant factor was not as elevated due to a lack of use...and when a human being looses sight of the fact that its basis is in spirit...now with knowledge of how the world works...the human would tend to become confused by the appearance of its world as being physical when the most part of it is spiritual. I have stated before that science will evolve to a point that it actually proves the existence of God...and while this hasn't exactly happened yet...physics is coming darn close to it. And, science fiction writers, who are much more adapt and merging their creativity with the more recent scientific findings are coming to the understanding that there has got to be an intelligence that moves behind the physical world, since...in essence, none of this from a physics perspective is real. We base our assumptions on an illusion that the physical world is solid, when in fact, it is energy... and it moves continuously, in particles and waves...light for example.

This is probably much more than most dreamers want to know though, so I will stop at that.

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Dungeons & Dragons Dream 


The Dream:
I was up on a turret and I had a book. I was talking about it and I sort of shook it and 4 pages fell out and drifted to the ground. I am like, oh crap, I have to go get those or whomever's book this is - is gonna be really pissed. So off I went to retrieve the pages. The turret belongs to a castle or a monastery that is built into the side of mountain, hill, and the place the pages float down to is like a big open meadow area. Other than the turret, the thing it is attached to is mostly concealed below ground.

Then Rod and I were with a deck of tarot cards - not ones I have seen before - they belong to the "game" and Rod was showing how they worked and he laid it out almost a cross and then diagonal. And, depending on what kind of major arcana or court cards were pulled there cold feasibly be an "unopposed" run - meaning cards laid out to reflect the destiny of the run for that particular roll - move. It was weird because - 3 times in a row - Rod pulled the same 2 card combination which sort of cleared his path. I wish I could remember his draws but the deck was unfamiliar to me - the 2nd one he drew always looked like compromise - bamboo versus oak type of card - where 2 unsimilar types each have qualities that give them different "types of strength" and the first must have been like a magician card - then when a court card was laid, if there were a male and female next to it - you could pull a third card to see if there were offspring. If it was a major arcana - the run would go unopposed and if it were a smaller court card then you could pull until the cards had no meaning but it would show the type of troubles or obstacles from the original "coupling".

Insights and Interpretations:
Well, first...I just started playing D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) - I swear my life is all backward, I didn't read the Fellowship of the Rings and the Hobbit until I was 27 - now my first game of D&D and I am damn near 40 - Somebody has screwed up my life path - timeline (Lord - are you listening). So, anyway, I am an elf princess.

And, the dream is probably helping me strategize for play. I am actually a dreamer in the game - far stretch eh? But taking the actual components of the dream - the 4 is structure placed around the home, work, other environmental influences...and it happens to be the pentacle I am living under currently - I am in year 2 of the 4 pentacle. This has to building foundations for the future. Which oddly enough, dropping the 4 pages from a spell book - I believe - it was either a spell book or a religious documentary, like a bible text or something in the dream. Which only supports the 4 premise. And, the turret - well, I live in Riley towers, so that could be an indication of where I am and coming down to ground level. Now, the second piece is fascinating...because it would indicate that the right combination of circumstances can leave my path unhindered...unopposed along my road. While interesting placed inside a D&D game, it is quite a powerful description for a person in real life - or whatever you try to call this stuff we pretend is real. I think the coupling cards were important too but they don't make much sense to me...it is as if they could be real people, and who they get paired with and their offspring and how they will or can proceed in life unopposed - unchallenged? But the weirder part about this is that it makes a strange correlation to the Sacred Partnership, Sacred Relationship, Sacred Marriage aspect of what I have been learning in the last year. I don't know what exactly I am supposed to be passing on in regards to all this information so I haven't been doing alot of journaling on it - but this dream might be a reminder that there is still work to be done with this material and that I will be seeing more of it come in the future.

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The Dream:

Insights and Interpretations:

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The Dream:

Insights and Interpretations:

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Well that's all I have for you this month.
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