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to the Dream Interpretations page. This months dreams will be added to the  Sub-menu at the left under Current Month.  

Enjoy the read.

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To The Left you will find the Archives for the year of 2001. 

They Most likely do not contain the entirety of all the dreams that I dreamt in that year. Only Scouring through many notebooks will tell the tale.

At any rate I shall be posting dreams into these folders as I find them Here or there. Hope you enjoy the read.

Be sure to check out the visitor contributions page to see if any dream you have added has been posted. If you would like to submit a dream for my interpretation By all means do so, via my e-mail address below. Please indicate whether or not you would like your name and contact info added to that page when it is posted. Please refer to the Personal Readings page for rates on dream interpretation.  And, I am still behind on updating these as of today, November 30, 2000.

Any comments can be directed to either my Guestbook Or my Message Boards.  If they are applicable to a dream series, I would like to post your comments.  

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