The Bear Attack

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Posted by PhriQue on October 14, 19103 at 23:37:24:

The Dream starts -- I am in the back yard raking leaves with my father. My little sister is there as well as a little girl who keeps switching between my grand niece and my youngest niece, though it is the version of her when she was my grand niece's age. They aren't helping with the leaves. There is a tree in the back yard that has been trimmed kinda brutally. It is messed up and it is encased in ice. A huge grizzly bear comes running out of no where and attacks the tree. It is furiously clawing and ripping at the ice trying to get to the tree. I start yelling to get everyone to climb the tree. Me and my sister and the little girl climb the tree. My father is either unconcerned about the bear or the deaf bastard didn't hear me shouting. In the tree the little girl splits into the two people, MY grand niece and the now properly aged youngest niece. The bare kinda dissapears so I decide to go down to see if it is safe. The bear reappears and charges me, It chases me into the house and I barely get the door shut in time. The bear starts tearing at the door, breaks a window and is starting to make some progress to get inside. I decide to run again. The bear chases me through a couple of rooms I am slamming doors behind me. I run into the living room and in the center there is another Ice encased tree in the center. There is also another Grizzly bear in there tearing at the ice to get at the tree. This bear ignores me as run to the next room, this is wear I woke up.

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