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Posted by Jack on May 23, 19101 at 22:46:20:


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and psychology. I have never doubted that dreams are an important part of our life, but I have never been convinced that Freud or Jung have the correct formula for interpreting them. I know nothing about you, or how you arrive at your interpretations.

I do believe, that dreams have a meaning that is directly related to our daily life. I also know, that the situations in my dreams, are just as "real", as if they had occurred in my daily life.

When I wake up, the dreams seem unreal, but my conscious mind works immediately, to make me forget every detail of the dream! In classical psychology, the mind often works to destroy the memory of certain parts of our experience.

What is reality? Ordinary experience is "real". But, I know from experience that, I may hallucinate under drugs or social circumstances, and things I think were absolutely real, were just figments of my imagination. Psychology and Science tells us that many things people think were "real", are just imaginary, or hallucinations!

I invited an unknown girl to a party one night, and somehow, the conversation turned to the broken lock on our front door. The girl, who was very attractive, but 17, suddenly jumped up and fled through the front door. I chased after her, and found her. She said: "How dare you call me a door knob"!

I concluded that the girl had just misinterpreted
the conversation. But, it was, nonetheless real, to her! Just so, dreams can be real to each of us.

I think you have a very good method for interpreting dreams. If that method is spiritual or scientific, it is not important.

Jack Sandy

PS: In addition to Jung, you may rely on Joseph Campbell for dream interpretations. They are both experts.

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