Ash Wednesday

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Posted by M.L. on September 04, 19103 at 10:48:24:

I truly believe I was delivered a message of hope. Two years ago, I was depressed and concerned over various negatives in my life. I was very judgemental of others, and at the same time, hurt by what others said and did to me. Basically, any injustice I witnessed or was a victim of, infuriated me. A coworker had asked me to attend an Ash Wednesday service with her a week earlier. I was still deciding whether or not to attend when I had this dream. The dream started with a yellow school bus. My mother was urging me to get on it. The bus was going to take me to what I believed to be some type of Vacation Bible School. After some urging, I got on the bus. Next, I was in a classroom and was told that we were to be shown a very serious film. We were only to view the film without any initial judgement. The film we were shown, went as follows: There was a kid in high school who was different from everyone else at the school. The school was a very preppy, upper income type of school. This kid came from a very poor family and he was ostracized for this. The Football players and Cheerleaders would shout insults at him when he passed them in the hallway. One day, the "bullies" decided they were going to teach this kid "a lesson." They followed him home from school to his small, wood frame house in the woods. They discovered that the kid's parents were not home. They were away earning a living. The "bullies" ambushed the home and pulled the poor kid from it. They beat him until he was dead. It was not supposed to go this far, but it did. The kid's dog was barking at them, so they killed the dog too. They buried the kid and his dog in a remote section of the woods. Weeks went by, and the kid's frantic parents were pleading with anyone on television if they knew anything, to contact officials. The officials questioned the Football players and Cheerleaders, because they were told that they had previously taunted the kid. When the "bullies" were questioned, they said they "knew nothing", and they were believed, because of their status in the community. This is where this part of the dream ended. Next, I was in a small church, where a black, female choir was singing. They were all dressed in red robes. The chorus kept repeating, "Only God Knows." I awakened on my back, staring upwards, at what looked like a perfect Cross. It was created, by the way the light shining through the window, hit the ceiling fan. I knew that what I had encountered was profound. The next day, I told my coworker, and she said, "You have been given a divine message." You will go to the Ash Wednesday Service with me won't you? Of course, I said yes. Once there, the entire message of the service was, "Only God Knows." We should not be judgemental and hypocritical when it come to God. I have become much more relaxed about everything since then, knowing that I cannot control, or be judgemental about the actions of others. God is the ultimate answer to everything.

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