My dream in the morning

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Posted by Monica on August 27, 19103 at 09:18:51:

As subject, I had this dream in the morning. It was a pretty long dream. It started when school's done for the day. I was exhausted so I leaned on to a guy (a guy that I know very well). And then when I got home, I was sleeping until my dad told me to get ready for dinner. Before that, I dreamt about the roads were all damaged. Good roads didn't remain much. I don't know what caused that. Later, my friends told me they needed to sneak in school (the one at the beginning). It wasn't any ordinary school. It was like the one Harry Potter goes to. We splited up into 2s. This guy-Andrew was with me. (in real life he's my classmate. I used to have a crush on him) and Angel was with Alex. (those 2 are my classmates too) My team got in the school pretty quickly, but Angel's team got caught in the school, so they had to fly out and fly in again. Finally us 4 flew in the bottom of the school. Before flying in, an older student told us that there's a huge chick under the school protecting the school, and I asked her if there's any spells that can copy "me" to eat dinner with my dad. She said yes there is, and she did it for me. We flew in the tunel to the bottom of the school, and my dream ends...(i woke up at that point)
I think it's so weird. If you know what it means, please tell me. Thank you.

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