what does this dream mean???

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Posted by Dominic on August 21, 19103 at 10:02:05:

I had this dream once already and this is the second time I have it! I somewhere next to a highway not too far from my home, and it looks like a motel but inside its a place were u can buy guys and all sorts of things. My fathers friends are there and my mom and dad too. Then I'm outside and 3 man walk in to rob or something, after one comes out to get me and brings me in. Then inside one of the robbers points the gun at my mom and i throw him a knife the was in my back pocket, I missed him and move my mom out of the way and then i get shot 3times in the rigth bottom side of my chest. After the robbers gone out of nowhere and no one not my mom or dad r worried about me having been shot no one! Then no ones calls an ambulance and everyone in the room is taking their time to come and see me and i'm bleeding a lot! So I wake up in the hospital and i see my bother and i find out through him that I have cancer too where I got shot and I'm going to die soon, then I see my eyes closing cauz i'm dying but before they close I wake up. The hospital part is the new part in the dream? But the rest I've had in my previous dream, my question is what can this mean?? I have no ideal, my parents do care about me we talk everyday everything is good, I just can't make it out! Help!!

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