Re: dream of a boy wearing a hooded jacket

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Posted by MzChaos on May 28, 19103 at 23:12:14:

In Reply to: dream of a boy wearing a hooded jacket posted by em on May 08, 19103 at 01:04:34:

Not much here for me to work with. It could be a warning of some sort since you were scared in the dream. Normally, I would suggest that this could be an aspect of yourself..or someone around you. Because you infer that the fear might be because he might be a "ghost", then it might be an indication of someone you don't know to well passing into the spirit world (dying)...or an aspect of yourself that died at that age. A loss of innocence. There are many factors I don't have her like your gender and your age...and did the boy look familiar or feel familiar. The hooded jacket specifically says that something is being hidden from your conscious mind, but you are aware of it on an unconscious level. Ghost could represent a person from your past. My guess is the blank expression is an indication that you might be emotionally detached from the situation.

"a boy (about 12-14) wearing a hooded jacket, with the hood covering his head. he was just looking at me with a blank expression. then, the dream started to be scary, because i kinda thought he was a ghost."

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