Re: confusing dream i need help with interpreting

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Posted by jill on January 26, 19103 at 18:53:37:

In Reply to: confusing dream i need help with interpreting posted by mary on October 12, 19102 at 17:38:43:

: Ok I have a very strange dream, and i need help form ne body who has a comment or thinks they can help. ok here it goes......
Ok i was at school in the guy, but it was a much nicergym then my school has. I rember i was at the wrestling match, and my friebd was suposed to meet me there. So any way i saw the guy i like,and he is on the wrestling team, but he was up in the bleachers. So naturaly I went to go talk to him. I had asked him why he wasnt wrestling, and he said he was mad at the coatch because he wouldnr let him wrestle. So we sat and talked for a long time. Then som how we were still on the bleachers, but they were lined w/ matts. And iu was laying on them face up, we were goofing off just haveing a good time, but when i was on my back he got on top on me and went down to kiss me, but we didnt really kiss, he stoped fight in front of my but i couldnt reach him. But then out lips did touch, just a little bit, not even long enough to accutaly call it a kiss. Then we were still in the same possition and my friends walked over and we were all talking then they walked away. Then i woke up. Pleace help!!! I am so confused.....This guy I like all ready has a girlfriend and he is a senior and i am a sophmore but we are really close in friendship, and I really like this ghuy, but I kinda like a different guy too. PLEASE HELP ME I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!!!!!! thank you

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