Re: weird dream that i don't know where it came out of help

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Posted by MzChaos on December 04, 19102 at 11:13:36:

In Reply to: weird dream that i don't know where it came out of help posted by claire on December 03, 19102 at 13:39:24:

Ok, lets take this piece by piece...You having sex with anybody usually means incorporating aspects that you admire about that person, into yourself. These are qualities that you feel very good about - based on your description o f pleasurable and wonderful....

me and my boss had sex and i really do not have feelings for him and i thought i was wonderful and so pleasureable

The second piece, to me, means that for some reason you don't really feel that it is ok to have whatever this energy represents to you, you keep trying to "kill" it. There are two layers going on here, because you do like your boss, and probably feel that it isn't might be trying to keep that down, but linking to the first piece and that you are having sex in the dream, then I would say you are also trying to keep down the qualities that you find admirable. The third piece I will add in here for clarity, is the children are representing something that isn't quite a mature thought (idea)...get it? First it is the boss you are trying to save from being murdered, but then it moves to indescriminate children.

...then i was trying to protect him from being murdered and every night since then i keep dreaming that people are being killed and a child is killing another child

...children to children, you didn't give me your age, not that it would have mattered much, sometimes even when we are much older - we play out themes from a much younger perspective...The thoughts and feelings you are having for your boss come from a real need within your psychi to connect to what it is he reflects, I would suggest spending a little time sorting out why you are attracted to him in the first place. Then you can proceed to incorporating those aspects to yourself consciously...I can guarantee it will take the edge off of any tension that might be cropping up there...just be careful not to let the thoughts dwell on the sexual energy or you might unconsciously attract that to you.

Hope this helps some.

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