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Posted by MzChaos on August 21, 19102 at 04:35:24:

In Reply to: a dream posted by Jaimie on August 20, 19102 at 15:39:06:

Well, thanks for the dream posting. You probably gave me more information than I needed to interpret. First let me say that this might mean exactly what it says because he may only be gone for a little while. I have been finding lately that I am getting alot of literal translation to my dream work and I think if it is happening to me, then it has to be happening to others more often too. Second, is that part of it is probably illustrating your own distress over the situation. I am guessing you never told him how you felt before, and now the opportunity might have passed. Again, familiar. Keys are significant because it tells you you are being given special access to information that you might not have gained in an awakened state. 2 keys he hands you which could represent partnerships and cooperation, balance as well. I don't know what else to tell you. Cars generally represent a vehicle being used to move you from one place to another, even though it was his, it is in great detail and probably says something about the path you are on specifically. I don't know your spiritual background but this person might have been a karmic connection for you and even if he is not meant to cross your path again, he might be a clarifyer for what it is you need as a partner in your life. Please let me know if any of this makes sense for you. I love to get the feedback.

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