this is my dream what does it mean

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Posted by bobbi rosek on January 17, 19104 at 12:18:53:

In Reply to: confusing dream i need help with interpreting posted by mary on October 12, 19102 at 17:38:43:

: ok i had this dream .. it was about this certain guy ... hes in my art class but ... i dont really like him that way ...but anyways ... usally dreams about guys i disreguard but ... this one stuck out in my mind.... and i keep thinking about it and replaying it in my mind ... here goes ...
: it was something like ...
: i remember being on a track the one from my i walked to him and i could remember there being this tension ... like flirtaious or romanic presence so we were just talking .. i guess i cant remember what we were talking about ... but he put me up against the fence ... he leaned in like he was going to kiss me ... he held me and for some reason i dont know why it just felt ... nice and comforting ... i was completely content and let all my problems and worries go and he leaned in like he was going to kiss me .... and my mind wanted me to say no but my heart told me yes ... and i just let it happen but just as it was about to happen .... he just stopped ... and walked away and i remember feeling ... unsatisfied... like i wanted him to come back and follow though ... i was very unhappy with the fact that he just .. walked away.. ..
: so yeah that was my dream and im very curious to figure out what it means very soon. i just dont understand it at all usally i kinda figure out wat some of my dreams mean but this one just confuses me ... esp. the elem. school track .. the last time i saw that thing i was like in 3-4th gr ... im now a jr in high school so yeah that was like a long time ago ... and i dont know why the dream was about him ..... i mean im friends with him and all he sits with me in that class .... but ... i dont know .... so if someone could help me with this i would be most greatful thank you .

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