What does this dream mean?

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Posted by Rachel Peek on December 01, 19103 at 16:40:54:

DREAM: I was in this house that I had never seen before and i woke up in a wooden bed with a yellow and blue quilt on it.(There was a fireplace at the end of room and in the middle of the wall there was a wide window.) (anyway) When i woke up there were police cars outside and the sirens were going off.When I looked around there was a street drain in the corner of the room. On top of it was a skull with blood running out of the eyes into the drain.Then my dream started again.I woke up and instead of the skull there was a bloody heart.I woke up and ran to my grandmother(a teacher at my school,not my real grandmother)She held out her arms to give me a hug and i ran into them.I asked her,"What Happened",and then I said,(this doesn't make sence)Unless you did it!!!.Suddenly i started screaming to my mom "She's gonna kill me" over and over.My mom ran up the hall and asked "what's going on?!!!I started to explain but my (so called)grandmother started stabbing me in the back with her fingernails.(Then I woke up)
PS. My parents just got divorced.Does that mean any thing??????
PSS.Ihad have never seen the house that was in my dream in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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