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MzChaos World of Dreams, hosting dream interpretation, writings and poetry, animal card and rune prediction by Brigitte Kephart (MzChaos) amidst the telstar chaos.  I am a friend of the Naptown Nomads who can be found at www.humorcafe.com .
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I've recently suspended posting to my Message Boards as they have become the target of Spam advertisers. They are infuriating my webmaster who says he longs to beat the offenders with a bag of nickels. Yup!

Many new Ramblings, June to September HR Newsletters, and New dreams have been posted, sorry for being such a slacker.  

Most prominently is the Ramblings Section. Have also recently added a bunch of Visitor's Dream Contributions . I have archived the older contributions. 

Please let me know if you have any problems with the links.  Enjoy!

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You can help support this site by using this Amazon.com link to the left. You can search for books and videos on any topic.

I  have a poetry link which will actually take you off my website to HumorCafe and the dreams link which has the most current dreams posted as well as quite a few archives. 

You can find a little personal info on me at This Link . My resume is there and a short bio, just in case you're interested.  Of course, the resume has not been updated...why, because who has time... I am loving life at the moment...and hope it continues until my stock in depends undergarments get cashed in.

I used to put together a newsletter for one of my previous employers. It was a project I took on myself and had complete control over. If you are interested you may see them here. Human Resource Insight .

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